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Mosquito Fight in Siberia

Fight mosquito wigglers but not flying mosquitos.

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There is quite a big Mosquito problem in Siberia (Russia). 

One of the approaches which are developed in Novosibirsk State University is to fight wigglers and not mosquitos. Wigglers usually easy to locate and fight compare to the mosquitos. 

One of the ideas which are currently developed. Scientists trying to get different bacterias from dead insects and trying to  identify which kind of bacteria is the most dangerous for wigglers. So later it would be possible to develop a bio-drug against wigglers.

So it can be good idea to fight these mosquito wigglers


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Hi, can you please provide a link or source for the above information?
Wanted to read a bit in details.

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Sorry, I have only a link in Russian. Failed to find anything in English.
Hope it will help

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Wondering if the link about lavricide would be useful here.. seem like there are also some bio-base lavicide ....

"Bti and B. sphaericus are both naturally occurring soil bacterium registered as larvicides under the names Aquabac, Teknar, Vectobac, LarvX, and VectoLex CG. Typically in granular form, pellets are distributed on the surface of stagnant water locations. When the mosquito larvae ingest the bacteria, crystallized toxins are produced that destroy the digestive tract, resulting in death. These larvicides will last only a few weeks in water and pose no danger to humans, non-targeted animal species, or the environment when used according to directions." 

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Oh tnx a lot )