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Mobile Apps to Raise Awareness About the Zika Virus

Pace University Computer Science students developed mobile apps to raise awareness about the Zika virus.

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As part of the capstone undergraduate course, Pace University Computer Science students focus on learning about software engineering concepts and applying their skills on a real project (mobile or web).

This year students from Pace University in the US partnered with Brazilian students to address issues related to the Zika virus. What was crucial in the development of the proposed solutions was the practical knowledge of the Brazilian students about the disease. 

Two mobile apps were developed. 

  • ZikaDefender is a game to raise awareness about the Zika Virus. Players eliminate mosquitoes before they can reach their targets. They can learn more about the disease while playing. The game is addictive!
  • ZikAlert provides information about the disease - symptoms, prevention, transmission etc. - and sends reminders about important practices to follow to stay safe.

More information about the apps and the course:


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Congrats on this being today's Featured Contribution!

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Thank you!

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Hey Christelle! I tried to click on the ZikaDefender link and wasn't able to open it. Would you be able to update the link? Also, does ZikAlert have a website? When I clicked on that link it led to an apk that didn't work on my Mac. I definitely want to learn more! Thank you for sharing. 

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Minh Nguyen Hi and thanks for the feedback. I updated the link. The links are going to urls to download the apk of the apps and install them on Android phones. The apk files are executables of Android apps. We will have the apps in the store in the next month. 

The following web sites provide information about the apps with a focus on the software development process.

The process to develop the apps was described here: