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Investment and cooperation from big organizations and other countries

International contribution is greatest aim in order to avoid spreading any diseases.

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It is understandable that health threats require helps from global. In order to avoid spreading diseases to the world, it is not only responsibility of infected countries but others also need to hold accountability in this issues. Based on past pandemic, infected nation always struggled to deal with problems of diseases. Therefore, what do those countries need?

They just need investment and technology cooperation in order to research and control the virus spreading infection around; especially, developing countries always are the source. The reasons are sanitary and phytosanitary of those nations which could not control easily their environment and sustainability.

Therefore, global organizations and other countries should invest funds to constrain the spreading of virus and provide supports in term of technology and knowledge in researching about vaccines.


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Photo of Mariane Ketchum

Hi Giang,
Thank you for sharing this.
It is true that environment really affect for the diseases.

Best, Mariane

Photo of Giang Hoang

Yes, thank you very much

Photo of TracyGriffin

From my view, it is imperative that global organizations give a hand to deal with health threats. But this is not a long-term solution because their help can only work in some extent, and the funds are limited to everybody. We both need the support from global organizations and the awareness of people. If people are well-informed about the diseases, they can protect themselves and prevent the speading more actively.

Photo of Giang Hoang

Yep! it is true. thank you

Photo of Chris Medland

Hi Giang,
I definitely agree with your idea.
In my opinion, there is a significant shortage of health care workforce in almost developing countries, which is because that these countries just focus on developing economy rather than education and health care sections. consequently, the rate between carers and patient has never been in balance, which is a serious reason leading to fast disease spreading.
In order to solve this problem, UN and WHO should provide a large number of qualified health care professional that can educate, train, and develop the health care workforce of these developing countries.

Photo of Giang Hoang

Yep, it is true. Thank you

Photo of Harry Piper

Giang Hoang I possibly think that technology and investment are essential capacity to resolve and reduce the availability of certain diseases. However, the human resources and financial ability of the international organisations are limited at some points and such pandemic has speedily widespreaded. It would be effective if people in developing countries are aware of these diseases or the risks of such diseases which may incur during their lifestyles.
In Asia in general, we do not see much on the social media or any thing else which could provide such information promptly and accurately.

Photo of Giang Hoang

Yep, it is true so it is the reason why we should have international cooperation more and information is important, people should be well informed more.