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Crowd-source control and prevention (CCP)

My contribution relates to 1) stemming mosquito larvae growth, 2) an adjacent industry solution, and 3) utilizing existing infrastructure.

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Image (WIkipedia: Zika Virus) 

In addition to:

1) genetic engineering or deactivation (to kill the mosquito or deactivate the Zika Virus during breeding/prior to laying eggs),

2) setting up mosquito billboards (to kill existing mosquitos),

3) create a vaccine (antibodies to deactivate/kill the virus) in humans, and

4) using mosquito repellant and wearing long sleeves and pants, mosquito nets at night (to prevent being bitten), air flow control, and temperature control to manage sweat and perspiration

5) implement similar measures to AIDs (since the research has shown possible evidence of Zika transmission during inter-course – US Biologist. Zika Wikipedia),

the other two areas that I think can be addressed, in possible unique ways are:

6)  Killing larvae present in existing ponds where mosquito’s breed near human populations (dealing with ponds after heaving rains in rural, and suburban areas would need to be addressed also)

7)  Creating an awareness and sense of urgency and an efficient supply-chain to help with 4) , 5) and 6)


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Thanks Tony J. I've been wondering if ponds are general the source of the breeding of mosquitos rather than these standing water puddles that I assume happen in every community. Do you have a sense of how to address killing larvae when it comes to these 'pop-up' puddles? Renee would you have some ideas given your post?

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Great question, Minh. It would be interesting to know whether mosquito larvae result more from standing puddles vs. ponds, or whether the elimination of one source may increase mosquito production in the other. Also, I wonder if there could be a community action effort to distribute Bti when anyone sees these puddles pop up.

Since my original post, I have found some research about the negative impact of mass Bti distribution (as I assumed there would be). As one might guess, bird populations that depend on mosquito consumption may dwindle or change migratory patterns with the introduction of Bti into their ecosystems:

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oh no! so many ecosystem challenges when you introduce these vector controls...