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Communication, policies and procedures

The most important thing that should be done is precisely protect the mosquitoes of humans infected.

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    The most important thing that should be done and is not, is precisely protect the mosquitoes of humans infected by Zika, isolate patients with Zika in an environment where the mosquitoes do not bite them, guide these patients not let mosquitoes continue pricking they once it has been diagnosed with Zika.

    There is, in Brazil, a massive communication strategy in different media keeping focus only on "do not leave standing water" but basic guidelines are not transmitted to the population. The population older than 30 years probably didn't study transmission methods and the disease at school. The media should have a broader focus, as well as policies and procedures to combat the Zika.

    In public health centers, the patient usually need to wait hours for attendance in a room with several people, no guideline like "if you believed to have Zika, protect yourself against bites and you will protect the next" is transmitted.

    To eradicate Zika, should be mandatory the entire population have an net and repellent. And the governments should pay for those who doesn't have enough money.


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Hi Lucia Raphaela Werneck,
Thank you for your contribution. I would like to share with you my vision when it comes to how the humanity could overpower Zika and Malaria:
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