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6 ways to to Avoid Getting Bitten By a Zika Virus Mosquito

The most effective way to protect yourself from the Zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites.

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There are no vaccines or treatment for Zika, the quickly spreading mosquito-borne virus that may be responsible for thousands of birth defects. The most effective way to avoid the diseases is to prevent yourself from getting bitten by the mosquito. Those 6 ways below are the insights of Kloss from Reader's digest to prepare yourself from contract Zika disease.

  1. Pick the right mosquito repellent
  2. Apply it correctly: Bug spray should be applied after sunscreen (otherwise, your SPF may mask it). Don’t wear repellent under clothes; it won’t evaporate and may accumulate on the fabric. Avoid spraying it on cuts or wounds.
  3. Repel with your clothes: wearing long pants, long sleeves. Get extra protection with clothing containing permethrin, a synthetic insecticide. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined permethrin products are effective and safe for pregnant women and children. Since Aedes mosquitos have an appetite for your feet, stick to shoes with full coverage (not sandals) and socks.
  4. Prep your home: Eliminate standing water throughout the home, including in flower pots, bottles, and accumulating garbage.
  5. Exercise indoors
  6. Travel smart: The best way to avoid Zika virus is to avoid affected areas. Check the CDC’s regularly updated list of countries and territories with active Zika virus transmission. If you must travel to an affected country, stay in air-conditioned areas, sleep under bed nets if your room may have mosquitoes, and use mosquito repellent vigilantly.


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I like this post with useful information! what is the right mosquito repellent that you suggest?

Photo of Thi Bao Ngoc Nguyen

I did some research via the Internet and it suggests to use Sawyer Picaridin, Natrapel 8 Hour, Off! Deepwoods VIII and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus that can protect us from 7.5 hours to 8 hours.
And don't forget to apply the mosquito repellent in an appropriate way to optimize their effectiveness.
Thank you for your concern and contribution!

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