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What is important for protect ourselves?

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Nowadays, virus is everywhere.

People easily to get sick and the evolution of virus is going to be stronger and more deathful than we think.

Therefore, how to protect ourselves?

The fisrt thing we can do is to make environment cleaner.The messy environment is the bredding bed of virus, as result, have a clean evironment to live is very important. Disinfected regularly for our environment may reduce the chance of virus breeding.

Secondly, education is also important. Have a correct knowledge of hygiene may protect ourselves away from health threat and improve our health quality.

Combine both actual action and education to address this problem, I believe we overbear those disease.

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This is relaxing a choice of music world good and I would like to know how you can earn the star. I like this game it is very relaxing.

Photo of Anushka Agarwal

Thank YU-TING HUANG for your contribution. It's a great idea the challenge comes when during the execution phase. It's difficult to educate people in rural communities about the prevention, due to lack of access, resource or education. Do you have any idea on how can we reach the affected people more efficiently? 


Thank you, Anushka. This is a good question.
As you said, it is difficult to affect people who live in rural areas. 
However, there are some people from communities or non-profit organizations, voluntary go to rural area and help local people.
They provide medical helps for patients and education for children.
After children learn the knowledge about hygiene, they can teach their family after back home.
The most important part is the support of local government.
Local government has the most resources in this area, if government could equally distribute the resources and support their people, advocate the proper perspective of hygiene, the poor situation in rural areas might be reduced and improved.