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We develop plants unwelcome mosquitoes and planted it around housing

Every rainy season and summer fruits are always followed by diseases such as chikungunya, dengue, which already claimed so many victims.

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Every rainy season and summer fruits are always followed by a number of diseases such as Chikungunya, dengue which already claimed so many victims died, especially children. 

As the years always happens casualties everywhere, we finally awaken even to eradicate these mosquitoes not just the responsibility of the paramedics and the government, but the international community must intervene, including a variety scientific disciplines.

In Indonesia due to dengue fever has become a plaque that attacks every years, then we've been warned to drain the tub twice a week, burying secondhand goods, burning trash and disperse puddle. Yet every time the seasons change, still the mosquitoes breed quickly. Then I started to innovate, do not throw orange peel, use the soap with fragrance of lavender and turns mosquitoes into a greatly reduced.

Through this forum I urge that we develop plants unwelcome mosquitoes and planted it around housing.

And urged scientists to develop research plants, herbs or fragrances that repel or even to kill mosquitoes but harmless to humans, so it can be planted around the house.

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Dear Amy,
Thank you for yourkind attention.
I hope the best, we can work together to combat the insects are bad for the survival of mankind.

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Hi eldy wullur ! I saw that Lou-Ann C had a similar idea about planting mosquito-repelling plants. Perhaps you two can work together on your idea!

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found list of plants that repellent mosquitos from internet, feel free to check this out :)