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'Sweaty billboard' helps fight Zika virus

A billboard that attracts and kills mosquitoes has been designed by marketing agencies in Brazil

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The board releases a mixture of a lactic acid solution that mimics the smell of human sweat and carbon dioxide, which is in human breath.

Its inventors have released the blueprint for free and are encouraging people around the world to make them.

However, one expert warned it could attract insects to areas where there are many humans.

The two companies behind the Mosquito Killer Board, Posterscope and NBS, believe it could help in the fight against the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes.

The insects are drawn to the aroma from the board from a distance of up to 2.5km away, the board's inventors say.

They are then trapped inside it and can be seen in the message it bears, which explains its purpose.

So far, they have installed two of the Mosquito Killer Billboards in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

The firms will not be selling the advertising space inside the billboard.

"It's impressive how many mosquitoes you can trap and how many lives you can save with this idea".

"I think anything that can be done to reduce the prevalence of the mosquito is a good thing".

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Hi Shraddha,
This has caught my attention- I appreciate you sharing the unique pros (trapping the mosquitoes inside, allowing for the local passing population to visualize the growing mosquitoes- likely encouraging people to get involved). I also appreciate you sharing the concerns- might this attract the insects closer to work or home life of the community?
Thanks for sharing Shraddha - Have you ever seen these billboards or any other boards like it?
Like, Anushka Agarwal , I'm interested to learn what other communities may have adopted these blueprints or of any great success stories!

Best, Christi

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