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Look at the problem using different eyes

Humans and insects have a very sophisticated thermoregulating system, many biology-issues are related to this, look at Zika from this angle.

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All living organismes have some kind of thermoregulating system to stay inside their comfortzone. This "thermo-toolbox" is often very sophisticated and contains many strategies on different levels. Mainly stategies to warm-up or cool down.  Outside features, inside features, behavioural and environmental aspects. Looking at a problem from this point of view might result in a different set of possible solutions. In my (humble) opionion the thermoregulating system is a very undervalued and unknown system compared to for example the reproduction system. Related to Zika it makes sense to look into the human thermoregulation system and choices in more detail for relevant aspects (housing, eating and sleeping behaviour?) and also in the mosquito thermal strategies, who's lifecycle is very thermal-based. I don't have a solution, more like an advise, looking more closely to thermoregulation strategies might be helpfull in finding a solution. 

Explaining the video's. The first video shows a moth heating up in infrared, the moths body had a very detailed heat-exchange system to control the temperature in his head, body and tail. He needs musscle warmth to be able to fly. What is the thermoregulating story of the Zika mosquito?

The second video shows a nest of newborn mice, which is also all about thermoregulation. Doing research for this video, it surprised me how little is realy known about the thermoregulating system of mice. Seems relevant when looking for new medications or vacines.

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