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Growing special tree to avoid mosquitoes

There are several types of trees that could help preventing mosquitoes.

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In order to avoid mosquitoes, Asian developing countries have several hints to prevent and constrain that insect from coming near your house.

Firstly, we can grow lemongrass which is easy to raise and can adapt to draught and you can leave few pots around your house easily. Furthermore, lemongrass can be made into oil which is more effective to prevent mosquitoes more than any other products. 

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Secondly, mints also are effective to against insects as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and bees. The smell of mints could make you relaxing but bugs hate that scents the most. This tree can be grown easily and you can use it few pots as decoration too.

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Thirdly, I can mention fragrant pine trees which are used for decoration in many houses or offices. This kind of tree can provide little scents of lemon which could relax you but mosquitoes hate it a lot.

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Fourthly, Marigold flower is great candidate too when orange colour of it could make your house prettier but also prevent mosquitoes and bedbug. In addition, Marigold oil can help to reduce itchy stings of insects.

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Lastly, lavender flower is really popular in control mosquitoes; especially, its oil can cure bug's bites.

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Photo of Otikal Kenneth

Great idea, i thought about this too much. It is the best, cheapest, easy to implement in a shorter period of time. besides the plants are readily available. However, like in Africa here where i leave,, mosquitoes have kind of gained resistance to this plants especially lemon grass that is readily available in local communities. What about thinking of cloning or combining this plant species to create one that will effectively repel or kill mosquitoes?

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