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Detecting viruses without hassle: connecting toilet cleaning with a test.

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FreshTest is a toilet freshener tab that includes chemicals that react with various virus infections.

The idea is implementing a test in everyone's day-to-day life. Since everyone pee's, and there is a huge market for toilet freshener/cleaners, we asked ourselves: Why don't we add value and detect issues in that moment? FreshTest will change color based on any infection that you have and will make sure that you look for medical help as soon as possible. 

Functions: Kills bacteria, gives toilet a better smell, detects different diseases (color change of tab)

Design: Small tabs (in our sketch prototype - Heart Shaped) to be in the connection between the bowl and the water. Transparent, activates different colors based on different virus infections.

FreshTest: Don't Worry... Pee Happy! :)

about virus detection through urine:


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Gabriel Faerstein I love the simplicity of your urine test -- it doesn't require any behavior change other than installing the tab in your toilet. One question and one comment for you... Would these tabs be multi-use or would you have to place a new tab in the bowl each time you peed? The main downside I see to your idea is people's squeamishness to toilet bowls and their potential reluctance to installing it, especially if it is not a one-time installation.