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The ill take care of the ill

Creating self-providing and caring communities where infected people (that have no chance of getting better) take care for each other.

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After being diagnosed with a infectious decease the patient moves to a community. In this community all people are infected and ill, but also they are caregivers to each other. Everyone contributes to ability (depending on how ill you are). They help each other throughout the course of the decease and give meaning and purpose to their lives doing this. 

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They train each other in how to provide care. When knowledge or skill is lacking, they can can get help via the internet of professional caregivers. The professionals train the ill to take care of each other.

Because everyone is already ill, there will be less fear. Hygiene and other protective measures are not necessary. This wil give the ill more freedom although they are contained in a secluded area.

Contact with the outside world is limited: social contact can take place trough social media. And food (when not available through local farming) and other goods will be delivered in a save way where human contact is avoided.

We realise this is a bit an extreme concept that is not gonna be reality but what you can take out of this is:

- Empowering and training people to take care of each other.

- Giving the ill meaning and purpose.

- Creating empathy among ill in the community

- Design a service design approach to dealing with epidemics.

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