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Combat Zika and health threats naturally

This way we can keep mosquitoes off our home naturally and at the same time conserve the environment by not applying artificial repellents.

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Most of the families that are affected by zika have failed to implement the self health care measure. Starting with, hey have failed to keep the bushes around their homes slashed, surrounded with stagnant water due to poor drainage systems a round their homes, keeping broken bottles and damped containers around their homes. This all leads to poor sanitation! With this they lay a good platform for mosquitoes to breed and multiply that eventually spread diseases like zika, malaria and many others.

The best way to prevent zika is getting rid of all the unhealthy living habits an implementing other innovative methods such putting dumped containers into use by making home made mosquito traps, planting mosquito repellent flowers around their houses and living in a clean and dry environment.

It is also import to educate the community about the importance of living in a clean and secure environment, how they can enforce it in their homes and giving the a platform on which they can freely gain access to self-health care tips and information.

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That's a good idea my dear beca use by so applying the natural methods in combating such infections in our community can at the same time reduce the health threats caused by the side effects of using the artificial means and tmat the same time reduce the those from the miss use.        Going down on the village level to teach such will help in upgrading the health status of our community by using such simples means