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Basic knowledge to prevent Zika virus but you might not know about it

Zika virus can be prevented from several tips and that should be educated to everyone

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Firstly, you must know how to prevent mosquitoes based on common knowledge.

- If you want any barrels, you must cover it but if you want to keep rain water for daily usage (developing countries' people often use rain water in rural areas), you must non-toxic products to kill mosquitoes' larvae. 

- You need to clean tree pots and dry it at least once a week.

- Aedes mosquitoes like to bite elbows and knees then you should wear long clothes and socks.

- Wearing bright color clothes to reflect lights to prevent mosquitoes.

- You should avoid using perfumed cosmetic because it will attract bugs more.

- Bed nets should be used

- Mosquitoes like to bite people more at night.

Secondly, you must know about other way that can help Zika virus infecting to people. There are two paths which are blood transfusion and unprotected sex. Therefore, when you receive blood transfusion, you must know the origin of the blood. Moreover, condoms should be used to protect other from Zika virus; especially, pregnant women.  


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Photo of TracyGriffin

Thank you for sharing! These are collective and helpful information that people should be aware of :)

Photo of Giang Hoang

yeah! Jope that is useful. thank you

Photo of Chris Medland

Hi Giang,
Your information is so interesting and helpful, thank you for sharing.
I just wonder if Zika virus could infect to children by other ways, such as breathing, or using the same stuffs whose got the virus. Do you have any further information?

Photo of Giang Hoang

Well, Zika can infect children through mosqutitoes , blood transfusion and birth from moms. thank you to ask