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Facebook Messenger Chatbot + Website for Information

A chatbot and website that provides quick and accessible information on the Zika virus.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Our idea is to create an information source using Facebook Messsenger's chatbot. People using Facebook can access the chatbot by searching for our page in the search bar. Then they can interact with the chatbot.


1.) Send a message to the chatbot.

2.) Click on the section you would like to know more about.

3.) Wait for chatbot's reply.


  • What are Zika symptoms?
  • How to prevent Zika?
  • What are the risks of Zika?
  • How does Zika spread?
  • How did it appear? 
  • Where are Zika cases?
  • How to treat Zika?
  • What are the latest news around Zika?

We chose to use a chatbot on the Facebook platform because Facebook is used worldwide and currently has 1.65 billion monthly active users as of April 2016. With a high amount of usage, it's an accessible way for many people to obtain information right out of their pockets, on the go, 24/7.



The website is a source of information for Zika. There are 3 sections:

  • Information (Q&A)
  • Where (Locations of Zika)
  • News (Latest News)

Information (Q&A) Page

The information page is simulated as a blog format. Under each question is a short answer, and by clicking "Read More," people can access a more in-depth answer (like Wikipedia). By doing this, we do not overwhelm people with too much information, while also offering the option to look at the topic in further details if they choose to do so.

Map Showing Zika Cases

The where page has two maps. The first map shows the location of Zika cases near you by submitting your zip code. The second map shows the location of Zika cases worldwide. This gives people information on the cases near their area, while putting things in perspective by providing a global overview of what's happening in other countries.

Currently: The Where page on the site directs you to the CDC page on "Areas with Zika" (

News Page (structural layout)

The news page shows the latest information about the Zika virus. This helps people quickly gather what is happening right now around the world.

Currently: The News page on the site directs you to Zika News on Twitter (


The website is meant to provide more in-depth source of information about the Zika virus, while the chatbot is intended to be a quick source for the most common questions one may have.



Chris Pesto - Engineering

David Franquesa - Research

Vicki Lee - Design

Xian Ke - Product


Created at the San Francisco Day of Civic Hacking on 6/4-6/5/16.

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I never thought this way...Great work!

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I endorse this idea

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Thank you!

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Nice simple work Vicki! right away I tend to look for mistakes or something to improve, as of now the first thing that caught my eye is the mosquito image used to represent the chatbot, seems that might be some other visual we want to send messages to and receive from

Photo of Vicki Lee

@DeletedUser Thank you for the feedback Herald! Yes, the mosquito photo may not be the best image for representation. If you have a suggestion for a more appropriate photo, let me know!

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Congrats on being selected for the Highlights phase!

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Thank you OpenIDEO !