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How is the Syrian Conflict caused by Climate Instability?

We would like to be part of the solution. The revolution will be streamed.

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‘Medialien’ is a Paris-based online media, which focuses on struggles related to environmental issues, inequality and social justice. We use our platform to tell stories about resistance and solutions through videos, clips, and documentaries. We have been active for the past six months, but have been public only for two.

The decisions to start using videos to convey political issues came to us after our university degrees in Political Theory where we had studied many pressing issues, but few mediums with which to make a difference. We felt we had to boil down the technical and critical knowledge we had accumulated in a consumable fashion in order to deliver it to a large and uninitiated public.

Our video's style is fast-paced and the narration isn’t always straightforward, as we like to take our spectators on a journey through our images. We are never present in our videos personally as we do not feel as though we are necessary, and we would rather make room for the people and places we present.

At the moment we are working on the COP21 in Paris, offering an alternative reading of the event, highlighting the actions that mass media would ignore and interviewing activists whose voices must be heard.

The last story we have shared was that of the autonomously run centers of Rome together with the short-term historical past of Italian emancipatory politics (

We already know of a climate issue we would like to cover which is the correlation between climate change, agricultural disasters and mass migration, with a focus on Syria. We feel that the whole narrative on the Syrian conflict would be treated very differently if we acknowledged that many of the causes of the conflict derive from climate instability.

The opportunity to link with a team of established media makers would be a great chance for us, as we are just starting, and need all the help we can get.

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Great project, full support!