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Climate activist and digital storyteller

Created award-winning funny film on CO2 pollution (yes, it's possible to do this)

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I'm a professional documentary filmmaker and volunteer climate activist. Last year I completed a short film - starring my son as the 8-year-old climate scientist narrator - visualizing CO2 pollution as poop. You can watch it at It's traveled around the world and been very successful - in part, I think, because it's funny.

One reason climate change is such a difficult problem is that people find it so overwhelming and depressing that they feel hopeless in dealing with it. Making the subject funny and entertaining helps to make it accessible. And that makes it a problem we can actually work on. 

In my climate activism work, I am helping to implement projects that start to do that work. Work creating more solar power, more wind power. More community, more sharing. More electric vehicles and bicycles and transit. More smart housing development. More hope. These are the stories we need to be telling, with as much passion and inspiration as possible.


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Photo of Vanessa Warheit

Thanks, Scott! I'm a little confused about the process - is there some kind of voting mechanism? Is there a way for me to share the competition with others?

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