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A Stone’s Throw

Gifted from hand to hand & geo-tracked online, wandering stones gather climate-related stories from innovators around the globe.

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A Stone’s Throw

A Stone’s Throw (working title) is a social experiment in shared storytelling and the building of consecutive narratives online. Invitational networks are grown through the successive sharing of the gift of a beautiful stone, in exchange for the gift of a compelling story, and then gifted on.

Smooth stones are carefully wrapped with beautiful maps - abstracted representations of themselves - and released into the world as gifts to climate innovators. Each stone becomes a small metaphor of the world that we all hold in our hands. 

Gifted on from hand to hand, these beautiful stones wander the globe. Their journeys are tracked and mapped, and the inspiring stories of the people whose hands they touch are collected and shared.

Participants stories will be showcased to the public on a digital platform. Participants can track their stone’s ongoing journey through the globe with regular updates on new posts. As other participants make additional contributions to storylines, the network of connections grows.

Site visitors can explore an expanding library of inspiring climate-related stories, where they can follow connections, visualize journeys across the globe, and explore the content in an ongoing series of unfolding stories. 

The wandering stones amplify the power of story to shape a global discussion around climate change, inspiring people to take action by connecting innovators and the public through the power of gift, and the gift of story.

Project Development

This innovative approach to storytelling is currently in the prototyping phase, as the project acquires additional funding. The Ideo Storytelling Fellowship would accelerate the launch of this project and provide valuable assistance in creating a beautiful, compelling introductory video to frame the concept, and invite participation. In addition, access to the resources and network of Ideo, and this climate storytelling community, would help create a strong foundation for the project’s success.

Additional features for the project, such as a weekly podcast of story highlights are also being explored.


I am an artist and designer, committed to projects that work to shift our mindsets about our relationships with self, other and the world. I am currently completing additional study at the THNK School for Creative Leadership in Vancouver.  

Past media projects include video installations on Frank Gehry’s Digital Project, and the backstory on the completion of Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Church. The video installations were exhibited at MOCA-LA, The Vitra Museum, The Danish Architecture Centre, and the Milan Triennale, among other venues.

Additional information on my work and background is available here:


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