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Vertical Theory

Providing an alternative food source for urban dwellers, this vertical farming system utilizes hydroponic technologies and felt.

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Vertical Theory began as the Industrial Design thesis project of Karen MacKay while a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Over the last few years the project has been shown across the country at various conferences and events including Maker Faire and Pecha Kucha.

The purpose of this product is to promote agriculture in urban environments. As the availability of food, water and energy resources becomes scarcer in an age of detrimental climate change, it will become paramount for food resources to be produced locally and for individuals, families and communities to become self-sufficient in regards to food, waste and energy. As oil prices increase, air quality declines and the global food supply diminishes, alternative methods of farming will be essential to urban living. Indoor vertical gardens and farms utilize minimal space compared to traditional farming, efficiently using space while simultaneously improving air quality, providing insulation to structures, and supplying fresh foods.

A verifiable and functional system could provide a long-term solution for individual users to increasing food prices and decreasing usable farmland. This project addresses larger global sustainability needs by creating a solution that is implemented on a small scale.

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