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Transition Streets: change the world, one street at at time!

Transition Streets brings neighbors together to save energy, conserve water, and build community!

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Transition Streets - Local Action, Global Change

Transition Streets is a great way to lower your carbon footprint, save money on household bills, and get to know your neighbors – all at the same time. As we face growing environmental and social issues, it is increasingly important to find actionable ways to build stronger, more resilient communities. In times of crisis, top-down approaches have been less than effective-- it takes neighbors coming together to cultivate real solutions. Transition Streets aims to foster resilient communities from the street up.

Why We Need Transition Streets: Many people take individual actions to reduce their energy use and consumption of resources… But is it enough? Others want to make changes, but don’t know where to begin. Transition Streets provides a supportive and empowering format and an enjoyable process that allows neighbors to work together to significantly increase our impact and make a real difference!

Right now, in your neighborhood – creating a Transition Street is imaginable and very possible! We’ve already launched 12 successful pilot initiatives across the US (thanks to previous support) which have gotten some great reviews and media attention.

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Here’s how it works: Following the user-friendly Transition Streets Handbook, neighbors come together over seven sessions to implement simple, tested, no- and low-cost actions to cut household energy use, reduce water and waste, change how we eat and transport ourselves, and strengthen our neighborhoods at the same time.

This project: 

  • SAVES MONEY - Households cut their bills by an average of $1,000/year. 
  • REDUCES CARBON emissions per household by 1.3 tons per year!
  • BUILDS COMMUNITY - Neighbors formed a rich social bond and glimpsed what a low-carbon future might resemble - and they liked it!
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We want to share this effective program with as many interested neighborhoods as possible, but in order to make an impact, our small team needs help! Please feel free to reach out to learn more at, and help us expand nation (and world)-wide!

Transition Streets is an initiative of Transition US, the national nonprofit hub of the worldwide Transition Movement, which operates in 50 countries around the globe. While our movement is growing, our team is tiny--and we can only get these great projects off the ground with your support. Thank you for reading and any comments, suggestions or contributions you may have!

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