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Opensource renewable energy: Solar meets 3D printing.

SULI LAB wants to democratize access to renewable energy & light by designing portable solar light solutions based on a opensource model.

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The world’s first solar module for everyone.

The light of the sun is everywhere, it belongs to all, but only a few have the means to transform it into usable energy for our daily life.

SULI is a portable, solar-powered, light module, that will change this reality, democratizing access to light for everybody, empowering people by mixing sustainable solar energy & light with the power of the DIY spirit and the 3D printing world.   (It´s PATENT PENDING (2014-001840))

Is portable, multi-functional, and can be adapted to different uses in everyday life through its double fitting: a PET bottle fitting and a 3D printable accessories fitting.
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We want to create a SULI community, allowing us to develop new ideas together, through a model open for everybody, where we can inspire creativity and innovation.

This way, every user can be a part of our team - designing, creating, building and sharing new ways to use the SULI light.

We believe that the 3D printing world is the future.

Workshop at SULI HQ

SULI maker
Examples on how it works:
SULI to bottle.

SULI to window

But it's also a great quality lamp!

Tech. specs.
Our social impact: democratize access to everyday use of renewable energy.

We know that SULI is very useful for people enjoying the great outdoors and looking to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle, but we also believe that SULI can bring high-quality, sustainable light to those who do not have it.

Our first social impact project is to deploy 90 SULI modules in Boutín, Haití, in Central America on 2016, partnering with the NGO AMERICA SOLIDARIA, trough our INDIEGOGO campaign to back our first production (600 SULI's !).

Haití is the poorest country in America and only a few years ago it suffered a devastating earthquake. 

Chile off-grid people
SULI so far !

We are proud to be the first chilean B pending certified company, to be part of the AGORA PARTNERSHIPS social impact accelerator and to be supported by the IDB Bank.

We went to SOCAP this year also:

At SOCAP showroom


Everything start with normal people trying to make something good for the world!

El Team
More info:




                                               WHAT DO YOU THINK??

With SULI-LOVE from Chile

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With love from Santiago de Chile !

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We want the world to know SULI. Because we believe it can change the way we use light. - we need to create community. - spread the word! - be part of a network of people and organization that wants to make impact. - grow as entrepreneurs and social impact leaders. - share our passion! - corporate partners in renewable energy, social impact, design

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Join the conversation:

Photo of Diane  L. Hendrix

Hi Cristian,  what a FAB product and open startup!  Have you talked to the FABLab director at MIT? Do you know people in Nairobi Kenya or Dar Es Salaam Tanzania?  it would be great to have partner distributors and educators there.  write me at if you are interested in trying to hook up w these folks?

Photo of Jasper Middendorp

Cristian O'Ryan Awesome, are you aiming to decentralise production of these bottles? Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this. 

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Jasper Middendorp write me to, best!

Photo of Aman Sadana

Hi Cristian, This is a fantastic idea and has immense potential to be scaled. The 'Liter of light' has come to be very popular in slums and shanties all over the world. The only limitation of that project was, that it can only be used during the day time. The SULI light overcomes that by allowing the bottle lamp( water +bleach) to be used at night as well.

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Thanks Aman, good to know you like the idea !  In fact we believe that SULI+Bottle could be a great solution even for the same Liter Of Light project!

Photo of Sandra Ehi

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Photo of Youngkoun Choi

That's good idea! solar power is future energy source. So, it has many potential possibilities.

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Thanks for the support !! Do you like the idea of being opensource so you can create accesories?

Photo of Matthew Ridenour

Hi Cristian – congrats – you are our featured post!

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Woow! great!

Photo of Riya Choksi

Hi, this is a great project, particularly love the customization part of it :)

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Thanks for your support Riya, we love you love it !!

Photo of Davide Zari

Currently collaborating also with a newco focused on digital manufacturing and related services, I'm interested to receive more information about the availability of the technical project, the performances and actual usage of this system.

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Thanks for your interest Davide, what kind of info do you need more specifically?


Photo of Davide Zari

In your idea did you provide the tech design for production else ware, the project is open source? How long is lasting the light? What kind of light source is used? What's the environment you are thinking on for application (rural, urban, professional)? There are specific points where 3d printed accessories can connect?

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Hello Davide, here some answers...
The project is not open source (yet) we want suli to be open to everybody to hack it, but we are still working on the model. Right now is only the accessories that are open source, meaning we will release the geometry of the suli and several 3D models to support the Suli so anyone can download it and transform it.
How long is lasting the light?
It depends on the light program you use. (suli have 5 different program of light and all of them consume differently) if you save energy it can last for almost 60 hours.
What kind of light source is used?
LED, warm high color definition.
What's the environment you are thinking on for application (rural, urban, professional)?
All of them, because we want to democratize access to light & renewables to everybody with this modular concept.
There are specific points where 3d printed accessories can connect?
3 of them.
Check more info here

And thanks!

Photo of Daniel Reyes

Hi this is a great project, I particularly like the idea of allowing individuals to create their own custom frames. A question I have is whether there will be in the future an allowance for the user to use the stored energy in an alternative manner if they wish?

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Thanks Daniel! yes we are thinking about that idea, to let SULI to charge your smartphone for example, or any other device or application you need (SULI have 3 AAA rechargable batteries inside). What we are thinking about is: should we make it under an opensource model? where people van hack the SULI and transfrorm it into anything they would like, or maybe add a USB port from fabric to SULI so it can charge a few devices but people can't get into hack SULI... what do you think? any idea or suggestion?

Photo of Daniel Reyes

Perhaps so that you are able to retain control of the product and the direction is goes in, instead of just leaving the product as open source to become whatever the user wants perhaps you could hold a collaborative competition to see how the public envisions the product being used and thus implement if possible changes to the design to accommodate. This way your able to get people to invest themselves in the product and perhaps increase the likelihood of it being purchased.

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Thank Daniel! In fact we are working on developing workshops as a way to make be people be involved in the SULI concept, also have the idea of competitions, at the beginning with universities for example, and then making bigger and massive things.

Photo of Matthew Ridenour

Christian – fantastic contribution! I love the concept and the video. It seems you're on a great path– how can we as the OpenIDEO community better support you and your efforts with Suli Lab? We would be delighted to help make your effort a success!

Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Hi Matt, good to know to like the concept!! One of our biggest challenges today is to create/develop a platform-community of people that could be part of the SULI concept by designing accesories, ideas or giving fedback to us. We want to replicate what we are doing in our Lab (the pic with people working) to more people in the world!
I'm not sure how can you support us, because i'm a little new to the openideo platform, any suggestion? maybe a skype call to talk deeper?

Photo of Matthew Ridenour

Hi Cristian – yes let's dialogue about it. I will reach out to you directly. Thank you and keep up the great work!