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Movin: refurbished furniture art pieces!

Furniture comes from wood & wood from trees. When we move we dump furniture hence the trees. Movin will refurbish furniture into art pieces!

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When people move in and out of the neighborhood they need new furniture and need to get rid of it respectively. Furniture comes from wood and wood comes from trees. So to meet the demands of the movers more trees are need to make furniture and when they move out they just dump the furniture which means dumping the furniture. 

So, Movin has an idea to refurnish the furniture with a modern uplift and transform into personalized one of a kind furniture pieces that the people who move in into neighborhood can buy and those who move out can sell to Movin.

This meets the demand of new furniture while saving the environment all along.

The aspiration is to have a Movin store in every part of the country and registered as a PBC (public benefit corporation).

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Photo of Matthew Ridenour

Thanks for your post Faham! Very interesting – and wonderful. Is this your project? How can OpenIDEO best support your efforts? How much of an environmental impact do you expect to have with Movin?

Photo of Faham Asghar

Hi Matt! Yes, this is my project. The environmental impact is great with Movin. Less trees are cut to provide for furniture needs and less metal is used to support the furniture and accessories. Since we are refurbishing with recycled and environmentally friendly products that also protects the environment. OpenIDEO can best support the efforts by increasing awareness and giving me a kickstart.

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