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OpenIDEO, #COPisHere,Nzega, Tanzania

The report of Nzega Tanzania Event of Local Climate Innovators

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The OpenIDEO #COPisHere offers tremendous opportunities to local Climate innovators in the lively discussion, to share their work and excellent brainstorm on how the community might support local climate innovators. The #COPisHere event in Nzega, was held at 14th of January 2016, from 8.30 to 11.30 AM.

The participants of this #COPisHere event were 14 local climate innovators from Tanzania.

The host of this event was Mr. Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya, innovator from Nzega Tanzania in collaboration with two team members from the organization of Christian Education and Development Organization (CEDO).


The first of all the Participants were given an opportunity to share their creative works on climate change.

  • Marry Leonce :- Her innovation is in growing the trees of fruits to adapt to climate change and Malnutrition.
  • Athuman :- His innovation is in preservation of water sources
  • Winfrida Sinduhije :- Her innovation is in tackling with epidemics to collect garbage
  • Peter :- His innovation is in Planting trees of wood
  • Patrick Stanislaus: - His innovation is in environmental management and beekeeping.
  • Hassan: - His innovation is in planting trees to conserve the environment.
  • Mr. Juma :- His innovation is in clubs of environment
  • Sister Neema Jackson: - her innovation is in the use of Biogas energy. Salim Abdullah; - His innovation is in sanitation and toilets
  • Joseph Hayeshi: - His innovation is in Reforestation of natural medicine
  • Asia:- Her innovation is in sanitation
  • Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya:- His innovation is in the use of solar technology to conserve natural resources and the environment.
  • Michael: - His innovation is in planting trees to conserve the environment.
  • Clement :- His innovation is in planting trees avoiding deforestation for tobacco.

2. The second activity was to lead brainstorming on how to support local climate innovators in our community.

In this phase we use HCD system to produce different idea, to the challenge of “How Might We Support Local Climate Innovators in Our Community?”

Here are some ideas produced
1. To provide education on preservation of environment to local climate innovators

2. To identify the activities of local climate innovators and incorporate them in the climate change program.

3. To provide grants to local climate innovators

4. to build small manufacturing to support and developing innovations created by local climate innovators.

5. Promoting renewable energy and sustainability environmental management practices that maintains healthy ecosystems and protects communities

6. To provide personal transport to local climate innovators especially in poor countries.


  • To provide working tools to local climate innovators with 6 points
  • To provide education to local climate innovators with 5 points
  • To provide grants to local climate innovators with 3 points
  • In our brainstorming phase, the local climate innovators were came out with the idea of

"Assistance of education, grant and working tools for local climate innovators"

IDEA: - Assistance of education, grant and working tools for local climate innovators.

DESCRIPTION OF THE IDEA: - Assistance of education, grant and working tools for local climate innovators can help to enabling local climate to develop their innovations created to tackle climate change.

HOW THIS IDEA HELPS TO SOLVE THE DESIGN CHALLENGE:- In our inspiration phase we learned that local climate innovators in our community are faced with the lack of technical support, working tools, financial assistance, transport, and manufacturing buildings that can help them to develop their innovations created to tackle climate change in our community.


The beneficiaries of this idea are all innovators involved with the issues of climate change in the world, especially starting in Tanzania.


Will the donors, International NGOs, Investors, and development Agencies be ready to support local climate innovators?


It declares the works of local climate innovators through the platform to convincing donors and investors to see these works and help develop the works of the innovators.

Where is this innovation/innovator located at? Be as specific as you can (country and city).

This innovation is intended to be implemented in all areas of the world where has experienced a problem of environmental degradation, to cut down trees, the desecration of natural resources and biodiversity,I have suggested that this idea actually begins working in Nzega, Tabora of Tanzania.

If you are an innovator, how can OpenIDEO support you? What are your current needs? If you are not an innovator, tell us what you do and what your needs are.

OpenIDEO is a platform for designers grouping experts, donors and individuals, I'd OpenIDEO serves to help me in promoting this idea, to put it on the recording that will be able to reach many people, also through OpenIDEO help improve this idea on the grounds of social change . My need is to ask to develop this idea and thoughts of other environmental innovators to obtain financial assistance for its implementation.

How did you find out about this challenge? (Check all that apply)

  • Email from OpenIDEO
  • OpenIDEO website
  • IDEO website

Would you like to be involved in Accelerate in the future? (Check all that apply)

  • Yes! I'd love to be involved in some way.
  • Host an event
  • Attend an event
  • Help innovative organizations as a volunteer
  • Help tell stories of climate innovators
  • Help raise awareness about Accelerate
  • Help connect Accelerate to potential partners


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Photo of Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya

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