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Enrich your garden with used coffee ground!

Why discarding tonnes of used coffee ground when you can recycle it for your garden and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emission.

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Statistics has shown that 1 tonne of coffee waste emits 1.6 tonnes of Greenhouse gasses, primarily being methane (CH4) with which more than 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide. So taking an estimated 6 million tonnes of coffee ground waste produced annually worldwide into consideration, it is a lot of GHG emissions just from coffee waste.  Taking it out of the waste stream is doing the climate a favour.  

Coffee grounds have been used as soil conditioner and compost additive with the same amount of nitrogen as grass clippings – 2% or so, meaning they heat up quickly when added to compost and help turn the entire pile into a beautiful dark rich soil. They are also very suitable for the worm farm, with those little guys loving used coffee grounds. When being used up to 70% of the worm farm total feed, coffee ground can bring excellent results to your garden.

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You can contribute to reduce the coffee ground waste and find more tips on using coffee ground waste by collaborating with this website:

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