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Comprehensive Adult Education including Climate Change through informal education

We should offer opportunities to people to learn a variety of things which they did not since they failed to access formal education.

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Here in Uganda, the majority of people in communities in urban slums are poor who in most cases did not get the opportunity to complete secondary education. Different Actors in Development have proven that children born by uneducated parents have bigger chances of not accessing education also. Here in Uganda education at all levels is expensive and therefore does exclude the poor. The Universal Primary Education by the Uganda government which was to be free has never been free and therefore excludes the poor.  We all know that many challenges faced by these poor people is connected to that lack of knowledge. Initiatives aiming at different alternatives for Adult Education here in Uganda through informal education have not been politically supported and therefore not funded.

In this situation the common people have been left with no any other options apart from ignorance. One among the best options  to address this is through funding to informal education known as adult education which should give people the chance to learn and thereafter come up with other solutions. Many people use these traditional cooking styles of firehoods and three stones here in Uganda just because they are ignorant on other available options. On top of informal education we need community dialogues on how to shift from these traditions to new ways.

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Katwe and Nsambya, Makidye Division Kampala Uganda, in East Africa.

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I would to be supported with funding to implement this idea, it may be direct funding from OpenIDEO in case it does fund, or through networking with donors who are interested in this idea. You can also still help to bring issues connected to adult education in different forum where priorities for funding are discussed and convince donors to include on the agenda. I need advocacy on this as one among the best options to support the poor.

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Photo of Matthew Ridenour

Thanks for your post Kulihoshi! Very fantastic and important work. Is this your organization or did you post as an inspiration? If it's yours, how can OpenIDEO best support your efforts?

Photo of Kulihoshi Musikami Luke Pecos

I did post it as a person but still a person who also is connected to the organization.
I think that one among my best conviction is to have a project working on these issues within slums where live most poor people and that project should focus on informal education. Where people can learn about Climate Change under the tree, where they can learn about fighting against poverty, access to information and communication, where they learn how to be active citizens and play a positive role in the country and global development, where people are empowered to think critically on various myths which still characterize the big part of their knowledge, where people are exposed to come with solutions to their different problems they face. These convictions need funding and that is my biggest problem.
When I look at different problems faced by poor people in most poor communities, I realize that these problems can be solved, these poor people can be empowered and become agents of change, but funding is always a problem. This where I would seek for your support.

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