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Company bike

No more "stuck in traffic" excuses - company bikes before company cars!

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As population and urbanisation accelerates, the number of cars registred in the cities are increasing rapidly. The problem with congestion and pollution in our cities does not benefit anyone. Not only does the car promote an inactive lifestyle, the quality of the air we breathe is not ideal.   

Tolls and taxes for the car commuter have been implemented to stop this development, but what are the alternatives?

Cycling of course!

Cycling has been proven to be the number one transportation to have a positive affect on the travellers experience of Quality of Life, cyclists are way more happier than any other commuter. 

Having an active start of the day, employees that arrive to work without stressing around to find parking or using the excuse of being stuck in traffic, save both time, carbon emisson and money.  

My suggestion was firstly targeting employee health, but I found that the idea was applicable to the environmental challenge as well.

The idea is to get the employer to offer bikes and helmets for commuting as a complement to other work place benefits that improve employee health. Today many companies already offer showers, locker rooms and even safe bike racks, which could further enable employees to pedal to work. 

Bikes doesn't cost much, and with the company logo on the the frame, the employer can market themselves as a healthy and environmental conscious company. 


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Photo of Ewa Bilska

I like your idea! I havent heard about any company offering bikes as benefits but I heard about some companies in Poland which offers some extra money for those who commute to work by bike.

Photo of Hanna Kristiansen

Hi Ewa! Thanks for your comment! Yes, I think in Poland there is a pretty good bike-share system that this idea might be competing with as well.
Good job Poland, now we need to spread the idea of commuting by other ways than motortransport to the whole world!

Photo of Youngkoun Choi

That's good idea. so, the company also pay for maintenance if the bike is broken?

Photo of Hanna Kristiansen

That's a good point Youngkoun! Because the bike is the company's property it would be on their table, yes. However, there might be a need to sort out why the bike is broken first. If it was the employee's fault for reckless use etc...

Photo of Davide Zari

AFIK some German companies already offer bikes as benefits to their employees, and also other incentives to use public transportation. Great idea, you need anyway to be accustomed to use it also in bad weather conditions!

Photo of Hanna Kristiansen

Thanks for your comment Davide! And you are right, Europe is a very cycling friendly area in both infrastructure and mentality. The rain and winter conditions does not seem to stop some people from riding either (and if we could get only one person chosing an active way to travel to work this is something positive). I cycle to work in Sweden even during winter sometimes, putting spiked wheels on (its really fun!) The lockers and showers at the workplace enable me to do this.