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Carnegie Wave Technology

Let's not forget the big players in the world ... they have products to learn from and bring inspiration.

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Let's not forget the big players and innovators in this market. Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is the ASX-listed inventor, owner and developer of the CETO wave energy technology that converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and desalinated freshwater. What can others learn from their successes and trials ... a source of related stimulus and inspiration?

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Perth Australia and also has projects in the UK

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Photo of Davide Zari

Hi Lucy, the idea is nice, still wave energy projects and products does normally have an high Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE), except in very favorable conditions, how does this project address this issue?

Photo of Lucy Salaman

Hi Davide, I am afraid that I am merely an excited onlooker hoping to spark conversations! I am far from an expert in this field. But having done some reading it seems that there are large companies and small companies looking into such incredible technology .. I wonder if there is some room to merge with each other on specific projects? Taking the agile abilities of smaller start ups and using the amassed experience of large companies to help solve problems likes the one you mention?
The Coca-Cola Founders platform ( whilst not specific to helping solve global issues is a great example of the might of a brand working with entrepreneurs to bring about business .. could a similar model be used in solving larger global questions ... ?

Photo of Davide Zari

Hi Lucy, we all thrust cooperation otherwise we will not writing here :). IMHO technologies, especially expensive one such as this, need not only a useful discussion and sharing but also careful evaluation, to be sure we are not wasting limited resources into something didn't worth the effort.