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Bionomicon: NGSS Video Game

Sci-fi video game aligned to Next Generations Science Standards that lets players explore climate change while terraforming the Arctic.

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Science Fiction inspires imagination and seeds minds with the future of possibility. Add video game action and you speak the language of the next generation. Embed Next Generation Science Standards emphasizing physics, life sciences, engineering, math, robotics, and earth sciences within a context of climate change and you have an epic game that will spark the education of millions (my prior action adventure series in the field of algebra was played over 2M times in prominent school districts in NYC, Chicago, Florida, and Texas public schools).

The Story starts out with the discovery of a huge multinational corporation that is secretly exploring technologies to solve global warming by pushing the earth orbit farther from the sun (Think SpaceX meets the bravado of Google). As plans leak to the public it's discovered that the Corporation has begun construction of biological safe zones in remote areas of the world for disaster contingencies. These safe zones in isolated regions of the Arctic, Desert, Ocean, and Rainforest serve as the experimental proving grounds for sustainable technologies.

The game starts in the Arctic where the first large scale biodome is being built. Players must learn and apply fundamental science principles to get the core energy, climate control, resource mining/management, and bio-habitat systems online.

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Knoverse is an educational video game development startup in the Bay Area.

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We need help around a PR strategy that highlights the incredible power of science fiction combined with video game technology to teach. We also need to be connected with marketing experts that can reach parents, students, and schools. We are also open to being connected with science experts to incorporate various technologies into the game.

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Overview of the sci-fi story underlying the development of the video game. It starts with a corporation with massive resources that develops biological technologies in deep seclusion. In dangerous times, it becomes evident that escaping to Mars is not a near term solution. Tensions mount as the world fights for control of these self contained regions for survival.


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