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A Liter of Light

A movement aiming to provide ecologically sustainable and cost-free lighting for simple dwellings with thin roofs

Photo of Kris Dublan
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Millions of people live in informal settlements worldwide, most of them have adequate lighting. The Liter of Light aims to provide indoor lighting from sunlight at night through the use of Plastic bottles. It is a zero carbon emitting alternative of electricity that uses cheap, durable and readily available materials that produce high quality natural lighting allowing the urban poor to have access to an affordable, environmental friendly alternative to electric light that can be used during the night.

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Photo of Cristian O'Ryan

Great movement, congrats!

Photo of Elisabeth Mart

Very cool - I was actually just reading about LuminAID, which is an inflatable solar light that packs flat. It was initially designed for emergency relief - something that could be shipped and used easily - but would work in numerous situations, like for camping/hiking. Liter of Light obviously seems like an even simpler solution for communities living without electricity.

Photo of Monica Wirawan

Such an interesting idea, hope it would come into the implementation part !

Photo of Kris Dublan

Hi Monica, it has already been implemented in some countries.

Photo of Matthew Ridenour

Hi Kris - this is fantastic - thank you for the post. Are you personally involved in this project? If not, do you have access to the founders? We would appreciate connecting with them and learning more!

Photo of Kris Dublan

Hi, the name of the organisation is Liter of Light. I have already sent them an email through their website regarding about it. Here is their website.
I hope you guys can connect with them and If there's anything that I can do, don't hesitate to contact me. I believe with my simple contribution, a lot of people can benefit from it. Thank you for the interest!

Photo of Kris Dublan

Hi Matt, where can i forward the email for the Liter of Light because the Executive Director have already replied. Thank you.

Photo of Terang Laureano

Bright idea and concept!

Photo of Lyn Evans

I love this idea because it is so simple. Who would have thought a discarded soft drink bottle would make such a great skylight! The video really demonstrates its effectiveness. I looked up the website and noticed that Liter of Lite have made instructional videos so people can make their own, if capable, and also a small solar panel can be attached to provide a night light. Awesome!

Photo of Kris Dublan

One's trash can be other one's treasure as they say. Thanks Lyn!

Photo of Rahul Daga

Very smart and really Innovative. Well done Kris.

Photo of Kris Dublan

Thanks Rahul! I hope it could reach in your country as well!

Photo of Aii Arisma

Absolutely brilliant!
Its a good evidence based intervention and something that profit companies should support as part of their CSR program. I hope you can convey this idea to them too Kris, be that agent of change :)

Photo of Donna Chang

brilliant idea!! never thought about it

Photo of Youngkoun Choi

Thanks for sharing this idea! it is very interesting

Photo of Krista Lianca Mendoza

Filipino ingenuity at its best. A practical idea that could contribute to lessen the problems of global warming, waste materials, and cost of electricity. Highly achievable project!

Photo of Kris Dublan

A lot of people can benefit from it.

Photo of Anselle Bryant

I love this idea! It's so clever and sustainable that will be so useful for everyone not only for people who have no access to electricty but also to everyone who loves to save a bit of cash and the environmentally conscious

Photo of Kris Dublan

Thank you! That is so true!

Photo of Cristian Vallejo

This is an interesting project that initiated in The Philippines. In 2014, it helped around 28000 homes and 70000 people in Manila. They have integrated an electronic circuit with a lighting emission diode and a photocell to have lighting during night. Although this idea may not reduce the overall energy consumption, it is certainly a good example of sustainable development for the low income population of the world and a smart eco-friendly solution.

Photo of Kris Dublan

Thanks! This idea can really help a lot not only to improve their lives but help save the planet.

Photo of Ashley Nguyen

Thank you for sharing this, Kris. It's a very interesting idea.

Photo of Kris Dublan

Thank you! I hope this would help and gave people an idea for alternative electricity.