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RE-volv empowers people and communities to take action on climate change by crowdfunding solar projects in communities around the country.

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Describe your team

RE-volv has three full time staff based in downtown San Francisco. We've been around for 5 years! Not surprising for a group of people working to protect the environment, we all love being outdoors. Sarah has run 6 marathons and plays co-ed soccer, Gavi ran her first Spartan Race in San Francisco and loves distance cycling around the Bay Area, and Andreas runs triathlons and is a certified yoga teacher. Don't worry, we're far from fitness junkies. Sarah is a pizza addict, Gavi does improv and Andreas is a stellar freestyle rapper. As a team we can often be found by the food table at networking events.

Why are you excited about this OpenIDEO fellowship?

RE-volv loves the OpenIDEO community and can't wait to continue learning from it and growing strong relationships, especially among the cohort of Climate Innovation Fellows. We're launching our brand new website, a solar-specific crowdfunding platform, so design support and storytelling advice are critical. Outreach and organizational support will help us launch the new platform successfully and involve more clean energy champions in our work.

In what ways might the OpenIDEO community support you?

We would love feedback on our new website! URL coming soon. Sign up for our mailing list ( to receive information on the new site and how you can help! RE-volv recently made its film debut in a 9-minute video about how we got started ( We'd love to make a 2-3 minute cut that we can share. Let us know if you can help! Spread the word about our crowdfunding campaigns and our new crowdfunding platform! In two weeks, we're launching the site with multiple campaigns for solar projects around the country. How can we work together to involve as many people as possible and ensure these projects get funded? Design challenge: we've completed three solar projects so far and have many more in the pipeline. We're wondering, how might we put something physical and visible in the buildings of our community partners after their campaigns are completed to continuously engage patrons with the project? Do we put up an interactive kiosk with a tablet, a plaque, a photo collage, or something else? Have any great ideas? Get in touch!


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we all love being outdoors.
Visit these too for a change

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Do you spread crowdfunding ideas in micro-volunteering section as well? I'd love to write about it on my blog. It'll be a subsection at reviews and press releases.

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Andreas Karelas I am so happy to see your innovative program and wish you all the best! Sarah, you and I have some things in common. I, too, have run 6 marathons :). Congratulations on your team selection as OpenIDEO Climate Innovator Fellows!

I am on the Compassion Games team in OpenIDEO. Our proposal is in the Beneficiary Feedback phase of the OpenIDEO challenge "How might we address urgent global challenges at the intersections of peace, prosperity, and planet in radically new ways?" Here is a link to our proposal:

In the spirit of OpenIDEO collaboration, I am exploring connecting with you and the other Climate Innovator Fellows via the OpenIDEO platform to gain your feedback on our project proposal. The Compassion Games mobilize people to take individual and collective compassionate action to promote peace, prosperity, and sustainability for the planet. We have several global “coopetitions” during various times of the year to energize people to take action. Every April, we have an Earth Week coopetition! We gather reports on our global Compassion Report Map from people all over the world to share actions they took or activities they were involved in to care for the Earth from April 22-30.

As a Climate Innovator Fellow, we know you are constantly involved in taking action for the well-being of the planet. We want your help and expertise to provide feedback on the Compassion Games. It’s simple to do this.

We are requesting you to do 2 things: 1) Please post a comment BY MAY 10th via OpenIDEO at the link above to let us know what you think of our proposal- what you like, what could be improved, suggestions for improvement; 2) if you have time, check out our website ( and post a report on the Compassion Report map ( to tell us about your actions/activities to care for the Earth from April 22-30, 2017. If you want to enter a team name on your report, you can use “OpenIDEO Climate Innovators”. This is optional. You may choose to enter another team name or leave the team name blank. Posting a report is a way to share your work with others around the world.

Thanks so much! We value your input! We need your feedback by May 10th so we can consider it during the Beneficiary Feedback phase of our challenge. It is great that OpenIDEO gives us the opportunity to connect with each other to create a better world!


Photo of Jessica Vechakul

Hi Andreas,
Cool idea! What do you think about partnering with corporations that need carbon credit offsets? I've heard of organizations funding clean cook stove projects in developing countries because the cook stoves reduce the amount of carbon that would have been emitted into the atmosphere as compared to traditional cooking fires. Perhaps there's a similar opportunity with funding solar projects?
I also took a look at your video. The most compelling segments were hearing the perspectives of the organizations that received the solar panels. Hope that helps with your editing.
Hope to hear more about your idea!

Photo of RE Volv

Hi Jessica,
Great point- in some states, renewable energy projects receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that can be sold to interested corporations through a marketplace.
Thanks for your feedback on our video! We always like to focus on how our projects support the organization and wider community.
Please join our mailing list and check out our homepage this spring for the next round of projects!

Photo of Greta Matos

Hey guys! Love the work that you are doing and congratulations becoming fellows!! I see so much opportunity for your work all around the world, especially down here in Chile where we see a deep need for renewable energy development but a lack of local capital for the broader community. My husband worked in solar when we were living in San Francisco and when we moved down here we'd hoped to support industry initiatives in a positive way. I'll be very interested to follow your journey and support however I can! 

Photo of Trevor z Hallstein

Great project and I look forward to seeing how to support you on this. Trevor

Photo of Alice Brown

really,it's a good idea.we have to save our planet that can possible only by using  renewable energy sources.

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