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CaribShare Biogas

We harness organic waste from Caribbean hotels and small pig farms to produce clean energy in a manner that strengthens rural livelihoods.

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CaribShare Biogas is a social enterprise and registered charity in Jamaica turning organic waste from hotels and small pig farms into biogas (type of biofuel) and fertilizer for sale. Our mission is to deliver clean energy from organic waste in a manner that strengthens rural livelihoods.

Our “Waste to Cash” program collects organic from hotels and small pig farms for free. Sharing up to 50% of our surplus revenues, participating farmers receive generous cash rewards as meaningful income to help support their livelihoods. 

Our “Waste to Energy” program supplies biogas to companies looking to self-generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from the grid.

Our “Waste to Fertilizer” program offers organic fertilizer at a highly discounted price to motivate farmers to switch from synthetic fertilizers, producing healthier foods and building climate resilience.

Through our programs, we are helping to solve the challenges of renewable energy, climate change, and rural poverty in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  We will be recycling and diverting tremendous quantities of organic waste from landfills to produce clean energy, and are thrilled about using it as a valuable resource for rural development. We plan to develop several biogas plants in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries to broaden our socio-economic impact across the region.

Describe your team

Our team consists of three directors including myself (Carol Lue) dedicated to CaribShare’s success. As the Founder and Executive Director, I have a multidisciplinary background in business, sustainability, and international development. Michael Archer and Richard May, the other directors are experts in renewable energy and civil engineering. We also have 6 young and vibrant recruits for our operating staff of which 2 are women and 3 are recent high school graduates. All are looking to improve the well-being of their communities as we are gearing to start operations in Mar/Apr 2016. Located on a hill overlooking the beautiful coast of Montego Bay, Jamaica; our pilot biogas plant offers a fun and enjoyable environment for working and having regular jerk barbecues.

Why are you excited about this OpenIDEO fellowship?

I am excited for the OpenIDEO fellowship so that CaribShare can master the art of story-telling and sharing our social impact. In this way, we will be better able to attract the right partnerships and resources globally to grow and deliver our mission.

In what ways might the OpenIDEO community support you?

• Building and activating an online community that supports our social mission of strengthening rural livelihoods. Follow and like us on: • Assisting with developing CaribShare as a social enterprise brand championing the value of organic waste to society in the Caribbean. • Embedding innovation into our operations and entire process flow from waste collection to energy generation.


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