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Bee Downtown

Bee Downtown installs and maintains beehives on rooftops of businesses in cities, where honeybees thrive, to rebuild honey bee populations.

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Honey bees pollinate the vast majority of the world’s plants and are responsible for over 80% of the food we eat. However, over the past 50 years, changing agricultural practices have crippled their world. Bees need a variety of food sources to survive, and the widespread cultivation of the same crops prevents them from reaching adequate nutrition. As a result, honey bees are disappearing at a dizzying rate, endangering the future of agriculture altogether. In 2012, U.S. beekeepers lost almost half of their hives in what is now being termed ‘Colony Collapse Disorder.’

Bee Downtown is fighting this important problem by creating and selling rooftop and clear storefront observatory hives in cities, where bees thrive due to the availability of diverse food sources, while simultaneously providing a one-of-a-kind progressive marketing tool for businesses to show their commitment to the environment and honey bee populations. These hives serve as feeder populations to rural areas, as newborn queens split off and establish their colonies elsewhere. 

Describe your team

Hi! My name is Leigh-Kathryn Bonner and I am the Founder and CEO of Bee Downtown. I graduated from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina this past May and majored in International Studies. People often ask how an International Studies major became passionate enough about honey bees to start her own bee business, or “beesness” as I like to call it, and I share with them that I come from a long line of keepers! Beekeepers, that is. I am actually a 4th generation beekeeper and share the love of beekeeping and agriculture with my great-grandfather, grandfather, and uncle. Bee Downtown is about two years old but I have only been working on growing the company full time since I graduated from school. I am the only full time employee but we have a contract beekeeper to manage our hives as well as an amazing support team of volunteers, mentors and community members helping grow the business and spread awareness about the importance of pollinators! My office is usually somewhere on a rooftop working honey bee hives which is, I think, one of the most fun office atmospheres you can have! If I’m not with the bees I work out of a startup hub in Durham, North Carolina called the American Underground. I’m surrounded by a sea of amazing entrepreneurs in an office space that has a video arcade, slide, scooters, free pizza lunches, and a rooftop bar! Basically, I get to work in a building that is MADE for a little kid stuck in an adult's body and it is AWESOME! In my spare time I love to watch and play soccer (I am a huge Barcelona fan), spend time with friends, travel, and eat lots and lots of pizza.

Why are you excited about this OpenIDEO fellowship?

I am SO excited about this OpenIDEO fellowship. I fell in love with IDEO when I was in an entrepreneurial class in college and before deciding to focus on Bee Downtown full time was looking at to applying for a job with IDEO. So to be able to work with OpenIDEO while pursuing Bee Downtown full time is literally a dream come true. I can’t wait to get to know the rest of the fellows and for all of us to be able to work together alongside the awesome OpenIDEO community to collectively work on projects that could truly create lasting change in the world.

In what ways might the OpenIDEO community support you?

Three things the OpenIDEO community could help me with are: 1. Messaging and Marketing to grow our social media presence and increase our followers. - I’d love for you to visit our website: and give us feedback on the site! - If you have any suggestions and insight please share your expertise on how we can grow our social media base - Follow and like us on: *Facebook: *Instagram: beedowntown *Twitter: @beedowntown 2. Help us further develop our brand! -The goal for Bee Downtown is to have a harmonious mix of urban and rural. -I would love to hear your feedback on how we are doing with that so far and ways you think we could improve! -If you have any design expertise or a branding background I would love to connect so we can work together! 3. Crafting our story! -I think Bee Downtown has a pretty great story to tell but need your help to share that story with the world! -I am looking for people interested in helping me tell our story whether it is through videos, short stories or news articles! I need YOUR help to grow this beesness and hope you will take flight in this wild and crazy journey of saving the bees with us! If you would like to join us and become a Bee Downtown worker bee for any of these projects, we would love your support, encouragement, and expertise! Feel free to email me, Leigh-Kathryn, at Thank you! Leigh-Kathryn


Join the conversation:

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Leigh-Kathryn Bonner  I love your program! Congratulations on your selection as an OpenIDEO Climate Innovator Fellow!

I am on the Compassion Games team in OpenIDEO. Our proposal is in the Beneficiary Feedback phase of the OpenIDEO challenge "How might we address urgent global challenges at the intersections of peace, prosperity, and planet in radically new ways?" Here is a link to our proposal:

In the spirit of OpenIDEO collaboration, I am exploring connecting with you and the other Climate Innovator Fellows via the OpenIDEO platform to gain your feedback on our project proposal. The Compassion Games mobilize people to take individual and collective compassionate action to promote peace, prosperity, and sustainability for the planet. We have several global “coopetitions” during various times of the year to energize people to take action. Every April, we have an Earth Week coopetition! We gather reports on our global Compassion Report Map from people all over the world to share actions they took or activities they were involved in to care for the Earth from April 22-30.

As a Climate Innovator Fellow, we know you are constantly involved in taking action for the well-being of the planet. We want your help and expertise to provide feedback on the Compassion Games. It’s simple to do this.

We are requesting you to do 2 things: 1) Please post a comment BY MAY 10th via OpenIDEO at the link above to let us know what you think of our proposal- what you like, what could be improved, suggestions for improvement; 2) if you have time, check out our website ( and post a report on the Compassion Report map ( to tell us about your actions/activities to care for the Earth from April 22-30, 2017. If you want to enter a team name on your report, you can use “OpenIDEO Climate Innovators”. This is optional. You may choose to enter another team name or leave the team name blank. Posting a report is a way to share your work with others around the world.

Thanks so much! We value your input! We need your feedback by May 10th so we can consider it during the Beneficiary Feedback phase of our challenge. It is great that OpenIDEO gives us the opportunity to connect with each other to create a better world!


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There's an organization in San Francisco installing beehives on hotel rooftops:

Might this inspire ideas or is there possibility for collaboration?

Photo of Jessica Vechakul

Hi Leigh-Kathryn,
I'm inspired by the work that you and your company are doing to support bees and our ecosystem. I perused your website. Beautiful pictures and heartwarming videos! I couldn't find any info on the approximate cost of a hive though. I imagine that the costs are different depending on distance? I wonder if there are opportunities to expand your market beyond companies to include community groups like schools, churches, or health centers. I also wonder if crowdfunding could help caring individuals get involved. If the cost is too high for one individual, maybe people would be willing to contribute a little to cover a portion of the cost. For example, maybe 10 people can jointly adopt or support a hive. I was also a little confused about what happens to the honey. The FAQ said the company gets the honey for the second year. What about the years following?Can you partner with other companies that sell honey or bees wax based products? Hope to hear more about your idea!

Photo of Danielle Kingberg

Hi Leigh-Kathryn, 
I love this idea and would like to get in involved. I'll email you this week to discuss further.

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Photo of Heatherlee Nguyen (Open IDEO Twin Cities)

Leigh-Kathryn, this is an incredible story, congratulations on launching Bee Downtown!! Thanks for caring so much, I do think lots of people care but don't necessarily know what they can do. This is a great way for those people to invest in something that helps all of us. Bees are amazing and I can't wait to be a beekeeper! How do I get this downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul? We'd love to help share your story and grow your business.

I'll reach out via email, excellent work!

Photo of Trevor z Hallstein

Great project and I look forward to seeing how to support you on this. Trevor

Photo of Ana Pena

Love this concept and I think you've told your story beautifully on the website! One thing I struggled with a bit was figuring out what products and services you sell - I think companies pay to have hives on their rooftops, but I'm not sure? And, do you sell honey actively somewhere? I do see that there's some revenue from tours. Maybe there's a way to organize the website a bit to communicate those elements. If you had a "products and services" bucket it might be a good place for your nonprofit story to go as well. 
I'm more of an operations person than a brand person, so I can't help too much at this stage, but if you ever want to chat about expansion plans let me know!