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Get Soot Done: Healthier Homes and a Healthier Planet through Cleaner Cookfires

3 Billion people still cook over smoky sooty fires everyday - BioLite is replacing those fires with a revolutionary stove.

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There is something we can do right now to curb climate change that can have an immediate impact on both people and the planet: reduce black carbon, or soot, in the atmosphere.

How do we tackle soot? We look to the fires.

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3 billion people still cook over smoky, sooty fires and four million people die prematurely as a result - that's more than AIDS, TB, and Malaria combined. Those same fires emit more soot than all the cars and trucks in the world. When that soot enters the atmosphere it warms the air, melts glaciers, and disrupts weather patterns. Soot is the second leading cause of climate change behind CO2. However, unlike CO2 which can take a century to cycle out of the atmosphere, soot has a much shorter lifespan and can clear up in as little as two weeks. This makes it a powerful short-lived pollutant whose eradication can have a direct impact on both health and climate.

The BioLite HomeStove reduces soot from these fires by up to 90% while simultaneously providing usable electricity by converting waste heat from the fire into power. BioLite has spent the last five years designing and refining this stove with extensive field-testing and has sold over 10,000 to date across India and sub-Saharan Africa. 

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We believe in a market-based solution to create self-sustaining change and that means expanding our networks, hiring local teams, and creating micro-financing programs – and this all requires capital. Using BioLite's unique business model called parallel innovation, we are able to use the revenue from our outdoor recreational audience to fund the market-establishing costs required across India and sub-Saharan Africa without relying on a one-for-one model. The result is a mission-driven organization with a community that is directly connected to scaling our impact. 

Many challenges lie ahead: Moving into new geographies, building new partnerships, engaging potential HomeStove households who don't even know we exist, and continuing to develop new products and technologies that serve both our outdoor and emerging market customers in an increasingly competitive environment are just a few of them. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and Get Soot Done and we hope to reach new audiences that see the HomeStove as an actionable and tangible way to create near-term climate results while helping to shape the future of energy on a personal scale.

Ready to scale our efforts in 2016, BioLite has announced a special ten-day campaign from December 1st - December 11th: 100% of every dollar earned at the BioLite Shop will be directly re-invested in BioLite’s emerging markets goal of reaching 50,000 Households in 2016.

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We believe in what BioLite is doing and supported their campaign this month. We look forward to seeing the impact of their efforts this next year 2016!

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