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Slide & Dine is Chicago's new outdoor winter dining experience that is warm, affordable, space-efficient, and safe for everyone.

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Slide & Dine is the new winter dining solution, offering an outdoor restaurant experience that is warm, well ventilated, and allows for full social distancing.

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Slide & Dine

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iZ Design & Planning

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Welcome to Slide & Dine! Slide into one of our booths for an exceptional winter dining experience!

Solution Overview

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Technical Overview

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Slide & Dine was created with the intention to be affordable, accessible, and feasible for restaurants all across Chicago. Our standard, cost-friendly materials and easily buildable design allows anyone to install our pods for their restaurant. On top of this, our pod size and seating orientation can be modified for ADA accessibility.


Our design is the product of a deeply thought out process where we brainstormed and considered all aspects of heating, space limitations, health concerns, social distancing, air ventilation, and affordability -- all while creating an exciting and comfortable experience that people would flock to!

User Research

We surveyed over 150 people to solicit their input on whether they would dine in our proposed booth design. 93 percent answered YES -- a winning majority! 

We also interviewed local business owners on their thoughts on Slide & Dine, receiving great positive feedback and questions on when they could get more information.

Covid-19 Safety

Slide & Dine fully follows CDC's COVID-19 Guidelines and goes the extra steps to ensure a safe, healthy dining environment. This includes a sustainable open roof air ventilation system facilitated by a ceiling fan, UV disinfecting light, and separated pods to eliminate cross-contamination between parties. A no-contact iPad ordering system can also be added in each pod to reduce contact with waiters/waitresses and provide fast and efficient service. All surfaces can easily be cleaned and wiped down between parties.

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

We are both recent graduates with degrees in urban design, city planning, and architecture. One of us currently works in a Chicago urban planning and design firm. The other has work experience designing convention center show booths and environments in the exhibit design industry.

Please describe your legal or organizational structure

Friends and dedicated urban planners and designers

In what city are you / your team located?

Chicago, IL

In what country are you / your team located?

United States

How did you hear about the Challenge?

  • Someone in my network (word of mouth)


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A really well thought out solution to current problems brought on by the pandemic. I would feel very comfortable eating at a restaurant that had one of these pods due to all the infection control measures that can be utilised

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I wonder if this would work indoors?

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