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Pure Clove

The organic, stand-alone form of the "Pure Clove" encompasses diners in an intimate cocoon while allowing natural ventilation & insulation.

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Pure Clove

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DxU Architects

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Overall bones of the massing is determined by the modular piece that is arrayed along a central dining element. The skin, or double layer system, creates a natural insulation barrier and omits elements at the users backs. Overall scale can be manipulated to accommodate various party sizes.

Solution Overview

"Pure Clove" creates a unique dining experience with feasibility in location & utilizing natural design techniques to accommodate the processing of contaminates & ever changing elements. The overall form is created by arraying one modular piece around a central element. The simplicity in this singular, modular piece (the “bones”) allows for mass production & installation. The scale of the massing can be manipulated to accommodate various party sizes. Omitting integral seating would be available as well for restaurants who choose to utilize existing dining elements. The skin would be a double layer system (one interior, one exterior layer) of semi-breathable fabric that is creased in a pattern that allows the structure to retract as necessary & creates natural insulation. This prevents users from feeling the elements at their backs & maintains heat within. The open top of the massing funnels contaminates and excess heat out of the structure to allow for a "pure" dining experience.


If a material such as wood or steel were used for the "bones" of the structure, the modular piece could be milled in mass quantities and assembled as necessary for each business.  If 3-4 scale options were available to accommodate various party sizes, restaurants could pick which scale(s) and how many of each size they would need to maximize table tops for their various business models.  The ability of the structure to retract within itself allows for ease of storage in off-seasons.  Even if restaurants chose to leave the structures up year-round, the sculpture could be an attraction for visitors even in days beyond a pandemic.    

Technical Overview

Once one pod is engineered, it can be mass produced.  Variety of scales would be available to meet the needs of various business models and various party sizes.  A material such as wood would allow prefabrication at an affordable cost.  Even fabricating the creased fabric could be streamlined once a pattern is established to allow for the structure to retract.  The form of the structure can be maintained with the track system within each mat so excessive details for connection points would not be necessary.    


Each "Pure Clove" would sit on an ADA accessible mat. This mat would include appropriately beveled edges on all 4 sides for a variety of approaches. The opening of each structure allows for transfer type seating for all users, including those in wheelchairs. The opening can also accommodate roll-up seating for users in wheelchairs.


Creating a section for modular piece that can be arrayed and multiplied allows for mass production and engineering of one pod that can be copy and pasted around the city for various business needs.

User Research

DxU Architects has extensive experience in the restaurant industry, specifically in understanding the variety in each client's demands and what it takes to operate a successful restaurant.  Aside from the firms overall experience in this niche field of work, each team member brings personal experience in components of this structure.  Some team members have experimented with origami patterns that could be utilized for the double fabric layer system for which the structure needs to retract into itself.  Others understand maximizing a sheet of wood by arranging the pattern to be reproduced in a way that eliminates waste and maintains project costs.  Some team members have work experience implementing natural design techniques that eliminate the need for HVAC systems or a power source.  All these components and individual experiences create a team that considers costs, public health, mass production, energy savings & visual appeal.    

Covid-19 Safety

Each "Pure Clove" will be required to be placed at least 6 ft apart from each other.  Surfaces will be easily wipe-able.  Ventilation and open air at the top of the structure allow for potential contaminates to be naturally omitted by rising and exiting the enclosed structure.  Each pod will only maximize seating up to 6 people.  

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

DxU Architects are comprised of Architects, Designers, Avid Cooks, & Foodies. We are a young (7 year old) design firm but have decades of experience in commercial and industrial projects with a strong focus on retail and restaurant architecture.

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DXU, LLC - Internal Design Team

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United States

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