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Outdoor Igloos

The idea of personal closed spaces, good for parties of six or less.

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These personal dining spaces would have a space heater in each hut, along with the added purchase of blankets that each guest can purchase, and take with them. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own, but are available for purchase. The vinyl of these igloos will be durable, easy to clean, and good induction to heat, but will not take from the view. Guests will have a time limit, to allow maximum capacity and create an inflow of guests to businesses.

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Warm and easy to disinfect personal huts

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Solution Overview

Depending on the location, streets can be closed off, and restaurants can work together to create a “Winter Wonderland-esque” area, sort of like Navy Pier does every year, and how Chicago did in the summer in areas like Gold Coast, where streets were closed off. There can be a special offering from each restaurant to cut down on food costs, and labor. This created experience will limit the number of people that stand around with no reservations, and refrain from people being already cold. Tickets/reservations can be sold online, and are required before booking.



Technical Overview

Only two outlets will be needed per hut. One for the space heater, and one for the lights. Maximum 5 igloos per restaurant.





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Covid-19 Safety

Easy to clean, and limited to 6 or less people per hut

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