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Monopoly: Chicago Restaurant Edition

Get a Monopoly game ticket every time you eat at a participating Chicago restaurants & enter to win!

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Get a Monopoly game ticket every time you eat at a participating Chicago restaurants & enter to win!

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Monopoly: Chicago Restaurant Edition

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Attached is an example of the Monopoly Board from McDonalds. Chicago restaurants or dishes (ex picture of the chicken sandwich - find the best chicken sandwich at XX) could be featured in the middle of the board to give restaurants free publicity. Different game boards could also be created for different neighborhoods ex feature Hyde Park restaurants on the boards dropped off in River North.

Solution Overview

Win with instant win game tickets or collecting game tickets and matching it to its Chicago neighborhood inspired location on the game board. Bonus game tickets could be earned at select restaurants to encourage people to try new restaurants.

This promotion will encourage Chicagoans to spend money at local restaurants with the chance to win a prize and have some fun. It can increase sales, include restaurants that are unable to participate in outdoor dining and adheres to CDC guidelines. In addition, prizes could help drive additional future business to restaurants or other hard hit industries in Chicago.

Prizes could include:

- Gift cards to restaurants for future dining or other local Chicago businesses that have been hit hard by COVID like gyms, Chicago museums, spas, local hotels, sports

- Prizes donated from local Chicago corporations like McDonalds, United Airlines, American Airlines, Mondelez, Google, Kraft, Jewel, etc

- City fees waived like the fee to get RealID


This idea is very feasible for individual restaurants to implement. The IL Restaurant Association can hire a marketing firm to execute the game, and can reach out to McDonalds and/or Jewel to find out who they used. The IL Restaurant Association can also develop partnerships with local corporations and the city for prize donations and ask if any restaurant groups are also willing to donate any prizes. All the restaurants would need to do is pick up the game pieces and game boards from the IL Restaurant Association and give out a game piece with each order.

Winners could call the IL Restaurant Association, or the IL Restaurant Association could select and enable 1-2 restaurants per neighborhood as places to claim your prize (with prizes mailed or sent electronically).

Technical Overview

N/A - not a structure


The IL Restaurant Association can provide game pieces to every restaurant interested. Any restaurant in Chicago can be invited to participate so it's inclusive. The IL Restaurant Association could also implement bonuses at select restaurants to promote diversity, or game pieces that could only be collected in restaurants in the INVEST South/West program.


McDonalds Monopoly Board example attached. The standard Monopoly board could be used, or it could be modified to be more Chicago such as featuring Chicago restaurants and renaming the locations to the Chicago Neighborhoods.

User Research

In Q3 2013 McDonald's earnings rose 5% according to CBS News: The 5% in sales increase is referenced in several other years as well:,Park%20Place%20for%20the%20effort.

Jewel also runs this promotion yearly:

Covid-19 Safety

If restaurants have to completely shut down dining and move to takeout / delivery only this promotion can continue to be run. As CDC Covid-19 guidelines change and state restrictions change this promotion can be opened up to include takeout / delivery or include both takeout and delivery from the start.

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