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Greenhouse dining

8x8 - 8x12 greenhouse with solar lighting, portable heater with resale value when we can return to normal.

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Idea Title

Luxurious Indoor/Outdoor Dining Experience

Company / organization name (if applicable)

Daniel Culligan & his daughter Colleen Culligan

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8x8 - 8x12 green house

Solution Overview

It keeps people separated. The green house is all glass so would be easy to clean and disinfect. By using solar lighting, you would keep it environmentally safe while keeping it budget friendly. They are also small enough that it would not be much to keep heated. It would still look expensive yet the greenhouses are very affordable. Also, you would be able to resell the houses once we return to normal.  It is all glass so you dont have to feel claustrophobic and you can appreciate the beautiful city. 


Everything has been covered in previous questions.

Technical Overview

Everything has been covered in previous questions 


It is perfect for everyone.


It is shown throughout this questionnaire 

User Research

It was done in Amsterdam in June. 

Covid-19 Safety

It keeps everyone 6 feet apart. Easy to keep sanitized and clean. 

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

Retired carpenter.

Please describe your legal or organizational structure

Just a dad and a daughter.

In what city are you / your team located?


In what country are you / your team located?

United States

How did you hear about the Challenge?

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