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Dining Hives

Easy to assemble/implement, affordable hexagonal wall structures designed to separate dining areas while providing maximum seating capacity.

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Made from readily available materials Dining Hives create an easy way for restaurants to implement, affordable wall structures that effectively separate space between patrons and to allow for added seating capacity. Dining Hives can also work in conjunction with adjacent and outdoor temporary dining enclosures such as tents or greenhouses to provide maximum seating capacity and serving efficiency.

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Dining Hives

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Conceptual views shown within a 20x30 tent.

Solution Overview

Restaurants and cafes can easily incorporate the use of tents and similar temporary structures to safely expand their adjacent and outdoor seating areas, but the true obstacle for restaurants is to increase capacity while maintaining safety. The Dining Hive concept utilizes simple materials to create stable hexagonal wall constructions that maximize the amount and efficiency of available dining space while providing full separation between adjacent dining parties. The unique design maximizes the use of available space and materials to provide an affordable solution for restaurants to effectively separate dining space. Fabricated from readily available twin-wall polycarbonate panels, the system can be easily modified to accommodate existing interiors, adjacent dining structures, and outdoor dining structures.    


Dining Hives provides a feasible, safe solution to separate space and increase dining capacity.  The idea provides a viable solution for restaurant owners, the City of Chicago and dining patrons. Systems can be quickly designed and scaled to accommodate the needs of individual restaurants, while maintaining a low-entry cost and simple assembly.

Technical Overview

 After working on many configurations to create socially-distanced dining space it became apparent that a hexagonal shape provided the best use of space, material and separation.  Fabrication is simple and utilizes twin-wall polycarbonate is an inexpensive clear wall & roof material that is structural and attractive.  Since it is already being used for greenhouses and other temporary applications the hardware, accessories and other components needed to create Dining Hives is readily available.  An approx. 80" wall height between dining tables will provide adequate separation between quests and airspace. If the City feels that further ventilation is required the unique channel structure of twin-wall polycarbonate could also allow for the polycarbonate panels to be perforated and connected to a simple ventilation system to essentially create air returns within each Dining Hive.  I have created a prototype of this ventilated wall and verified its efficacy.


The intention was to create a simple way for all restaurants to quickly, inexpensively and safely serve customers in the coming winter months. Dining Hives provides an effective way for restaurants to increase capacity inside their existing restaurant or adjacent space. The simple design, cost-effectiveness and intuitive assembly methods provide a good solution that can be easily implemented and can also provide opportunities for accent lighting and other decorative treatments.


The logic behind Dining Hives is that it can be quickly customized based on each individual restaurants needs. Simple, intuitive kits can be manufactured and delivered to the location where staff can easily assemble with little or no tools.  

User Research

I have coordinated with friends in the restaurant industry and also with suppliers / fabricators to ensure feasibility of the solution.

Covid-19 Safety

Dining Hives effectively separates space to mitigate Covid 19.  It has been proven that social distancing and physical barriers aid in reducing the spread of airborne pathogens. With the onset of Covid 19 we developing and implementing mitigation barriers for use at healthcare facilities and office areas throughout Chicagoland.  

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We are an environmental design firm specializing in retail, corporate, healthcare and hospitality projects. We offer a 360° approach that encompasses all aspects of design, production, fabrication, fulfillment and installation.

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Chicago / La Grange, Illinois

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