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Chicago World’s Fair 2.020

A “Navy Pier” type Ferris Wheel BUT laid down so the customers in each vestibule can experience a new restaurant with a turn of the wheel.

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Imagine the Navy Pier Ferris wheel but laid down and at each turn you can experience a local Chicago restaurant’s food and drink!

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Around Chicago on a level Ferris wheel!

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Solution Overview

Every night, customers in groups of 2-6 can enter their own individually temperature controlled vestibule and enjoy a trip around the Ferris wheel stopping at each restaurant “hut” for a prepaid, predesignated meal. Each restaurant will pay to feature their F&B at one of the huts for the night and since the time slots will be pre-purchased they can bring the correct allotment of F&B. Themed weeks or nights can be arranged (tour of South Loop, West Loop, etc) or themed types of food (Italian, Mexican, etc). The guests would be able to purchase their vestibule for the 2 hour time frame while knowing which themed night they are choosing (which restaurants will be featured, and the corresponding price point). There can even be surprise restaurants or even restaurants that can enter a lottery to be selected if they cannot afford the hut fee (to help out smaller businesses). This allows Chicagoans to experience multiple places at once and enjoy bites and sips from each place.


Every night a new restaurant can “take over” a hut. Since there are multiple huts, many restaurants can all partake in this new restaurant design. This will help multiple business regardless of their own property size and space capacities. This would have to be built in a large public space but could be used year round as they are temperature controlled with easy to wipe down surfaces. Charities can even sponsor nights and proceeds can go to those charities. No one will have to touch or interact with anyone except for those in their own party. Everything is prepaid. 

Technical Overview

Each vestibule would need to be built with temperature controlled mechanisms, speakers with push to talk capabilities to communicate with each restaurant hut, Bluetooth speakers so each restaurant can invite their next guests to enjoy music and ambiance that their restaurant would normally provide, and guests would need to know that they can only exit their vestibule to use the restroom which would need to be built and maintained with high cleanliness standards. After the two hour dinner is complete and all guests exit their vestibules to go home, the vestibule needs to include a high powered air cleaning chemical and be wiped down thoroughly. All inside spaces would be made of one material that is easy to wipe down with no crevices. 


This allows everyone to come to one spot and try restaurants that they’ve all wanted to experience but are too far or all over the city. Certain themed nights could be held like Support Local Black Owned Restaurants and proceeds can go to BLM movements. Restaurants that are financially suffering can apply to earn a spot instead of paying for one. Everyone can choose a night that fits in their price range (based on the restaurants included in that night).


I am not a design professional but merely a furloughed hotel employee that is eager to serve my Chicago home in new and unexpected ways. 

User Research

Spoken to a restaurant owner in the burbs that loves the idea and would apply to have the opportunity to take over a hut for the night. 

Covid-19 Safety

No interaction between restaurants and customers. Customers would stay in their own vestibule with people from their own party. The vestibule would be built with a duo sided slip - restaurant would open on their side, slide in the food and beverages on the tray, close their side, then the guests would open their side, pull out the F&B and then close their side. At the end of the 15ish min per place, the guests would slide back in their place and the restaurant would take it back and dispose of it. 

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I am a furloughed hotel employee that is eager to team up with a company to make this dream happen. I am customer obsessed and want to make all of Chicago safe through inventive dining and new experiences.

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In what country are you / your team located?


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  • City of Chicago website/social media


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