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Use Plastics packages, recycle and reuse it

In modern era using Plastic packages by Community - customers are reasonable but resolving it's Plastic wastes MUST be manageable

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Disposal of Plastic Wastes

Plastic consumption has many kinds of Purposes, Generally speaking, Plastics now play an important role in all aspects of modern lifestyle. And used in public Stores, Groceries and all kinds of modern Business Entrepreneurs packages.

All sorts of items including protective packaging, Plastic Packages, Many Bottled Liquids containers etc. are manufactured by Plastic materials

This Plastic products led the Environmental Pollution in our community settlements, plastic bags are used by community customers and eventually make uncontrolled garbage in Oceans, around most populated residences area by seriously affecting Domestic animals which usually accidently swallowed through the food remaining Plastic wastes lying on the ground.

Disposal of plastic waste has a negative impact of environmental challenge. the amount of plastic waste in our surroundings is steadily increasing.

Plastic polymers require greater processing to be recycled as each type melts at different temperatures and has different properties, so careful separation is necessary. Moreover, most plastics are not highly compatible with one another.

Hence, the use of plastic and its recycling MUST go together, we need solutions but we don’t look over Plastic wastes around us and event in remote areas like great oceans, Rivers, Lagoons and grassing land of Animal creatures   

We are familiar that we could not halt product of Plastics packages as are going with new developments. But we must stand the best method that we can recycle Plastic Wastes and Plastic waste managements

The Plastic Waste Management

 The Plastic Waste Management shall be as under;

(a) Recycling, recovery or disposal of plastic waste shall be carried out as per the rules, regulations and standards stipulated by the Somali central government from time to time;

 (b) Recycling of plastics shall be carried out in accordance with the  Somali Local government  Standard as Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics, as amended from time to time;

 (c) The Somali  Municipal Authority shall be responsible for setting up, operationalization and coordination of the waste management system and for performing the associated functions, namely:-

  • to ensure safe collection, storage, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of plastic waste;
  •  to ensure that no damage is caused to the environment during this process;
  •  to ensure setting up of collection centers for plastic waste involving manufacturers; (iv) to ensure its channelization to recyclers;
  •  to create awareness among all stakeholders about their responsibilities;
  •  to engage agencies or groups working in waste management including waste pickers, and
  •  to ensure that open burning of plastic waste is not permitted;
  •  for setting up plastic waste collection centers, the Municipal Authority may ask the manufacturers, either collectively or individually in line with the principle of Extended Producer's Responsibility  to provide the required finance to establish such collection center;
  •  recyclers shall ensure that recycling facilities are in accordance with the Somali Local Government  Standard:
  •  the concerned Somali Municipal Authority shall ensure that the residues generated from recycling processes are disposed of in compliance with Schedule II (Management of Municipal Solid Wastes) and Schedule III (Specifications for Landfill Sites) of the Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling;
  •  the  Somali Municipal Authority shall incorporate the said rules in the Municipal Bye- laws of all the Urban Local Bodies;
  •  The Somali Municipal Authority shall encourage the use of plastic waste by adopting suitable technology such as in Road Construction etc.
  • The Somali Municipal Authority or the operator intending to use such technology shall ensure the compliance with the prescribed standards including pollution norms prescribed by the Competent Authority in this regard.

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

This research activity is Circular Design Challenge - related to CASE 1 that has been presented by OpenIDEO + Ellen MacArthur Foundation the case will deeply highlight Single-use sachet for liquid consumer products

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

There are many insights,But I summarized as follows: 1) Some insights might claim that there are many workers who benefit from plastic Factories 2) The other insight might claim that there many stores and Groceries with customers use their items in plastic packages 3) while the other insights might claim if Plastic Packages's production are halted then many people loses their Jobs

Tell us about yourself

My name is Mr.Abdullahi Abukar"Human Rights Defender" work at Somali Human Rights Association(SOHRA)This Research is really strengthening solutions for Plastic Package wastes within local community. I do research on the issues related to the environmental Protection concerns in local community


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Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Abdullahi Abukar,

Thank you for highlighting the situation of plastics in Somali. This is very insightful.

Are there any scenarios where a reduction or change in the use of small-format plastic packaging could create jobs or mitigate the job losses?

Are there local alternatives to plastic in Somali that could be used for packaging and help create local jobs?

Could the solution suggested in replacing non reusable small plastic sachets in Senegal by Yann Hirlimann work in Somali?

Photo of Abdullahi Abukar

Dear Kate Rushton
Many thanks for the comments
Firstly, In Somalia,There is only one solution for Plastic Wastes that is Landfill system Disposal and this method is improvement of one step of the Plastic management System , we focus on recycling system to be implemented, this process is GAP existing in our area of environment around us that we want to be solved soon by Somali Central Government
Secondly, there are many factories in Mogadishu-Somalia manufacturing plastic packages that have been taken active role in creating job opportunities for job losses
Regarding to alternatives Packages, I remember once there were many customers use paper-sackets and local Baskets made of Palm leaves fibre in different sizes from groceries and other kinds of business locations
The consumption of theses Packages will really create Jobs for local community, mitigate Environmental pollutions and need NO more recycling again

Thirdly, we are proposing and requesting replacing non reusable small plastic sachets in Somalia by Yann Hirlimann to be carried out as soon as possible