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Towards Plastic Bag Free Markets & Plastic Bottle Free Beaches

Replacing small plastic bags with outdated newspapers and banana fibre as well as reusing the plastic bottles wastes along the beaches.

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Small plastic bags are commonly used in local markets especially for carrying sugar, rice, flour, eggs, tomatoes, onions, fish, meat, seafood, vegetables, nuts, and other related products. However, these small bags are not recycled at the end and instead are being collected from households and dumped in streets, farms and water bodies. 

On the other side, a lot of read newspapers are found stranded in offices, households and newspaper selling store without any usage plan. 

In my community, we are famous in growing banana whose fibre were used by past generations to accommodate almost everything from the markets. These fibre are environmental friendly and cheap. 

There are also many water plastic bottles along the Lake Victoria beaches which not only make weekend refreshments uncomfortable but also harm the water living. We need to get all these bottles collected from time to time and turn them into other usages. 

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

I can say, this research is related to the take away use cases. Buyers of different products in the markets prefer getting some take away, so small plastic bags become their choice due to limited alternatives. This idea can also go with a collection of used water bottles from streets and lake Victoria beaches which frankly speaking are endangering aquatic life. These bottles are not recycled, but if collected may be used to make amazing sheds and decorations while caps for kids counting kits.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

We all need to see our Earth a safe place to live, not only to human beings but for all living organisms in land and in the water bodies. Plastics are not environmentally friendly, and therefore should be replaced by some best alternatives like outdated newspapers and banana fibre. While many youth are unemployed in my local community, collecting water plastic bottles can be a great deal to them.

Tell us about yourself

I myself conducted the research. I am an entrepreneur, with over 5 years research experience at EDI Ltd, a global research firm - as an interviewer, research supervisor, project coordinator, data processing officer, and operations manager. I hold a BA. in Economics and Statistics from the UDSM.

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Hello Sadam Matsawili and thanks for joining the challenge! I appreciate your research and insights you've gathered!

While plastic bags are a problem, in this specific challenge we are addressing 3 use cases of plastics: sachets, bottle caps and tear offs, and straws and coffee lids ( ). It would be great to see you translate this research into an idea that is within the scope of these use cases we're looking for and submit that to the ideas phase!

Looking forward to seeing your idea!