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I invented a tethered bottle cap that remains connected to its container and ensures recycling.

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In 2014 I was on a beach in Asia and saw many plastic bottle caps polluting the sand and shore. I decided to do some research and learned that there are more than 6.5 Billion plastic bottle caps opened every day, that is 2.3 Trillion per year and only 10% are currently recycled. I am an inventor and problem solver, so, I invented ThisCap. ThisCap is the exact same bottle cap we use every day except that it is created in a way that allows it to remain connected to its container from the moment it is applied until it is fully recycled. At this time more than 85% of all plastic bottles are recycle, so, if we make sure every bottle opened in the world has ThisCap on it, we will stop more than 1.9 Trillion bottle caps from entering our Eco system and from harming our precious wildlife. We are seeking legislation in countries all around the world to require plastic beverage and chemical containers to have tethered caps.

ThisCap is fully patented in nearly every country on Earth and we are working hard to have it become the new industry standard. We hope you will appreciate our product and our efforts and help us save the planet.

Michael J. Maguire

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

My product favors Case 2 -Bottle caps and tear-offs. It is not feasible to prevent the use of plastic containers by our species at this point, so instead, we need to find more intelligent solutions to plastic pollution. There are clever minds all over the world creating logical solutions to complex problems, we need to bring their ideas into practical use. We at ThisCap are doing that everyday. We cannot solve the problem but we CAN reduce it in a very BIG way.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

I issue a challenge to any body listening, choose a full city block in a major metropolitan city, I will give you $5.00 for every discarded plastic beverage bottle you can find in 2 hours but you give me $1.00 for every cap I find. When we are done with our challenge, you will provide me with several hundred $$$$ that I'll donate to Ocean wildlife conservation. :)))

Tell us about yourself

I am Michael J. Maguire, I have been a life long inventor and problem solver. I believe our planet is precious and we are its caretakers and we must take our responsibility seriously. I have created this solution and intend to ensure it is used worldwide. I have never been more inspired in my life.

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Hi Michael, I think your design for ThisCap is really good and if it is long enough to come off the top of the bottle when using the bottle I could see it working very well, great! Best regards, BB

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Thank you for your support of ThisCap Brenda. To answer your question, yes, the tethers are exactly the length required so that the cap is easily opened and closed without any interference. Michael

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