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Straw "pairing"

Unique edible straws paired to match flavor profile of the drink

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I've come across a few edible straws of different types that can make a drink more exciting. The straw in plastic form seems like  a wasted opportunity to improve the drink experience.  The image attached is a celery straw, the perfect addition to a Bloody Mary. I remember drinking a mixed drink of Earl Grey tea and amaretto with a cinnamon stick straw. 7-11 recently launched a flexible candy straw that hardens in a Slurpee - it's now their best selling candy.  And Starbucks launched a cookie straw for their Frappuccino. With a little creativity, there are countless options for edible straws to be paired with the specific flavors of the drink. 

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

People like Anne, the coffee shop owner in Copenhagen seem to be having a hard time finding a viable alternative to plastic straws; this could be a direction.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

What are the opportunities to not just eliminate a waste stream, but heighten the user experience at the same time?

Tell us about yourself

I am a design researcher and strategist living in San Francisco. I've done a lot of work with bicycles and the urban fabric, and generally have a desire to contribute to environmental problems that are driven by human behavior and choices.


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