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Regulate, educate and nudge

Regulate, educate and nudge to track plastic waste pollution!

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We discoveredsome major themes:

  1. Social     norms/campaigns to educate and raise awareness
    • Do I need      it?
    • What can      I recycle?
    • What's      the consequence of buying this product? Is there a cost in terms of      "fish lives"
    • What is      the "end of life" of this product?
    • Put a      human face on plastic waste (like the Mr. TrashWheel in Baltimore)
  2. Regulation     and labelling products
    • Green      ratings and certifications - numerous; simplify
    • Ban      straws!
    • Label /      mention the hidden costs (in packaging, for e.g.)
  3. Sharing/borrowing     economy
    • Subscription      models
    • BYOC      (bring your own containers if you want to buy it)
    • Honour      system to use/reuse containers
  4. Behavioural  nudges
    • Incentivize      recycling (10 cents for packing it)
    • Keep      plastic packaging out of reach
    • Make      people ASK for straws or packaging (default is opt out; consumers make      the effort to pollute) 
    • Garbage      bins - shape of receptacle permits only one kind of waste
    • Intrinsic      vs. extrinsic rewards for recycling/upcycling
  5. New     product ideas

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

Our ideas speak to all the use cases.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

To see the outcome of their action (like purchasing a bottle of water) in actual environmental costs (like 10 fish lives will be lost thanks to this bottle - are you sure?).

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