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Plastic Triangles

Plastic symbols that guide users

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Consumer plastics commonly bear a triangle with a number inside, called a resin identification code — or more simply, a resin code. These codes indicate the types of plastics used in the products. Because not all plastics are commonly accepted by recycling programs, understanding resin codes can help you determine which consumer plastics you can place in your recycling bin.

There is a symbol of triangle that depicts the quality of plastic bottels. These triangle has numbers which shows kind of plastic it is.The numbers which is being used in these triangles are as follows:

Code 1 Plastic can be use only once.

Code 2 Plastic is made of thick polythene.

Code 3 Plastic is not safe for maximum use.

Code 4 Plastic can be use for many times.

Code 5 Plastic is safe for use.

Code 6 & 7 Plastic of this kind in very dangerous and it may cause cancer.

Consumers are often not aware of this information and busy in using the plastic that leads to good waste.If the consumers are able ready to understand the meaning and usage of this triangle symbols then good amount of waste can be reduce.

Nowadays, We are almost totally depenpendent on plastic. In every activity of domestic life, its the plastic which is being used. There are many alternatives of plastics but consumer are not ready to use those alternatives and leads to plastic waste. 

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

Like in the case number 2, the bottle can be categorized as per the symbols numbers.

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Photo of Daryl Yue

Really appreciate your share. Now I start to realize the code. I think people will reduce some types of plastic user when they realize this "secret".

Photo of Dr. Sukumar Kar

Hey Daryl, Thanks for appreciation. Yes,I do feel that if consumer get this awareness then definitely the plastic waste will be reduce at good extent.