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Plastic Tides

We highlight innovative, practical low-tech solutions to mainstream the zero waste lifestyle through education and outreach.

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Plastic Tides is a non-profit that combines adventure and science to fight plastic pollution via Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) expeditions. We use our media and experiences as an engaging platform from which to address the issue. 

During  our expeditions we’ve realized that our food and body care products had to be minimally packaged and biodegradable. We brought along reusable utensil kits, water filters, dehydrated food, menstrual cups for women and organic soap.

Co-founder Céline (and founder of The Zero Waste Voyage), has been making her own herbal medicine and cosmetics since the age of twelve. She is constantly evolving solutions for the zero waste and outdoor lifestyles so they adhere to her standards by being plastic free, organic, biodegradable (in the backyard), responsibly sourced and of course lightweight and practical. 

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

This research relates to Case Use #1 : single-use sachets for liquid consumer products . We have a multipurpose solution to this problem.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How does what we put on our body affect the “body” of our planet? Ancient wisdom + modern technology to disseminate ideas + multifunctionality

Tell us about yourself

Plastic Tides emerged when three Cornell University seniors combined their passion for water sports with environmentalism. Gordon: kayaker and film-maker, Christian: surfer with an environmental science & business background and Céline: BSc, Sustainable Ag and Oxford MPhil, Enviro Change & Mgmt.


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Hi Celine,

It is great to hear about Plastic Tides. Are you hoping that the OpenIDEO community might come up with a design for your multifunctional soap or do you have a few design ideas you would like to test and get feedback on?

The ideas phase is now open if you would like to submit your ideas there -

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Thanks for your note Kate ! My multifunctional soap is perfected already (I use it everyday)! I have a few design ideas for the soap holder that I'd love to get feedback on !


Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi Celine!

There are 3 days left in the ideas phase of the circular design challenge! It would be great to see your ideas there, submit your idea via -

My email address is