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Plastic based small scale household industries in Hindon basin

Livelihood opportunities based on plastic recycling/reuse would be encouraged in the Hindon basin area to reduce plastic based contamination

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Rivers, oceans, beaches, mountains, villages or cities; all locations in India are getting choked with plastic waste and resultant issues. Other than pollution and contamination caused by plastic waste, ingestion of plastics is a major issue that impacts the aquatic life, avifauna and cattle that feed on plastics.

Hindon, a tributary of River Ganga, is one such river which is impacted by plastic waste and related contamination. Plastic waste, especially due to proximity to National Capital Region, is a cause of pollution in the urban areas (causing clogging of drains, pollution of river banks, etc). Ghaziabad city of Hindon basin has been selected for an intervention to mobilize community for cleaning of the river banks and for establishing livelihood opportunities based on plastics. 

Hindon Yatra (meaning journey) is a multi-stakeholder platform for the Hindon basin stakeholders and is supported by the State government. This platform is working towards rejuvenation of Hindon river by mobilizing communities living in the Hindon basin on aspects related to water resources management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and others. Using the Hindon Yatra platform, this initiative will aim at mobilizing the community towards plastic waste management (in line with the Clean India Mission of Government of India). 

A community driven initiative would be taken up for training urban poor in establishing livelihood opportunities based on plastic recycling or reuse. Under this proposal, we propose to undertake the following activities:

  • Stakeholder mobilization and awareness generation: Consultations with stakeholders (including urban local bodies, citizen groups and industry representatives) would be undertaken to mobilize community on ground for clean-up activities along Hindon banks (selected stretches). Existing community platforms have been established in the Hindon basin over the past two years which can be mobilized for this activity. Awareness generation activities would be undertaken to mobilize the youth for this initiative.
  • Cleaning of River banks: Critical stretches would be identified and workshops for tree plantation and plastic collection would be undertaken. The collected plastics would be segregated and stored for recycling/reuse
  • Training of urban poor for establishing livelihood opportunities based on plastic waste management. These can include training on making plastic mats, baskets or books which can be sold for revenue generation. 
  • Recycling of waste: The plastic waste collected and micro segregated and would be re-introduced into the plastic management cycle. The local ragpickers and recyclers would be involved for this.

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

This project would be useful in tracking the amount of plastic waste and their types (including sachets for liquid consumer products) that find their way to the banks of our waters • an estimate of the amount of such waste generated would be known • an estimate of the value of recyclable plastic would be known • livelihood opportunities related to plastic reuse would be introduced

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Plastic is a resource, not a waste We need to be responsible for our waste and our waters

Tell us about yourself

Ms. Meesha Tandon is a Planner and water sector expert with more than 13 yrs of experience (registering NGO Innovations for Sustainable Development). India Water Partnership is a Non-Profit Organization, accredited with the GWP, Stockholm and is active in the Hindon area for the past 2 yrs.


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