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Paper straws

Example of this restaurant that replaced plastic straws by paper straws

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In the example below this restaurant serves 2500 customers a day and was ending up consuming 1,5 millions plastics straws a year.

In the US only, they claim it about 500 millions plastics straws a year that are thrown away.

By searching the internet I could find several manufacturers, among those, here is an example:

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This relates to use case #3

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Solutions exist to replace plastic straw, the question is what prevents people from using them instead of plastic straws. Because of the price?

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I found this example in my FaceBook stream. I live in Pornic, a small city in France, next to the ocean. I'm very much concerned about the environment and plastics ending in the ocean. I'm working on this challenge with a small group I'm coaching in my city.


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Hi Christel,

Why do we use straws? Could something else do the 'job'? You might be interested in this article I found - .

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This is very good question Kate Rushton and I don't know why we use straws. I just read a post in this challenge and I hoped I could get the answer but I found out only one aspect of it. I think I will inquire this further as I'm curious... When drinking wine, we certainly won't use straw... so why would we use it for other beverages?
Thanks for the article

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